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wait until you know how much you like him...............then you should do something...my opinion

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What weather do toucans like?

they really like worm weather. they dont really like the rain that much. they really like worm weather. they dont really like the rain that much.

How much is pink gold worth?

i dont really know but it sounds like a lot

How much money did Rachel McAdams make from the notebook?

I really dont know, but I would like to :)

How much do lawyers get paid after working for 10 years?

i dont really know you find out i dont really know you find out

You like this guy but you dont know each other much because hes knew you like him but he said friends for know?

well I dont know ,if you really like him ..you have to be patient and if nothign happend later..go tell him that you really love him..it depends if your totally in love with him..xxx

How would you know if a boy really likes you?

You dont you just get this really strong feeling and you know he likes you as much as you like him its not something you can fake you feel strongly and feelings dont lie. Good luck.

You dont have much gud friends in your college you dont feel like to go to college is it correct or wrong?

i dont have much good friends in my college i dont feel like 2 go to college everyday you know na college without friends is really like a prison?

What does it mean when they say they love you but then they cant trust you?

they mea that they like you but they dont know you so much for them to really give their heart to you.

How much miles is an ocean trench?

well we dont really know

How much salt is in the gulf of Mexico?

i really dont know but... alot

How do you understand a 7th grade boy?

Well... Boys are hard to understand by what I know.. I am not much older than you might be, and I dont even know much. Boys dont really understand girls and girls dont really understand guys.

How do you know if a websites not reliable?

i dont know like it very much

How much teaspoons of sugar are in a can of beer?

i dont really know but what i do know is that it has A LOT OF SUGAR that is why if you drink a lot you will be very fat no matter how much exercise you do.., REALLY!

Why does Curtis hate you so much?

I dont know why he really hates me but i dont hate him i think he is a really good mate . And i really want him to know that i really like him as a mate and that he makes me smile very day and he is Super cute LMAO xox i wish he knew that i am really sorry and i love him as a mate x and that i am truley sorry

How much does it cost for a tour in Mammoth Cave?

about... well, i really dont know

How much is 10000 rupiah's worth us?

I Really Dont Know... Call me :)

What is a synonym for the word renewable?

restoreable.... i dont really know much else -.-'

How much does warhammer online cost?

15$ or 20$ dont know really but it worths.

How much money is a chameleon?

i really dont know, ask petco or someone else

How much does Rey Mysterio get hurt?

I dont really know he gets hurt alot. :(

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