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If he likes you he'll say so or give you a very ovious hint. Unless he's shy if he is help him out, ask if you want. "Just say Do you like Me"? Whatever floats ur boat.

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What do you do when you like a boy?

if you think he likes you too, then you should ask him out, but if your not sure, then you should try to let him know you like him without actually having to tell him, and then if he shows some of the signs that he likes you, then you can be pretty sure and ask him out

What do you do if you like a guy who likes you back but might have a girlfriend?

I think you should make sure if he likes you and make sure he doesn't have a girlfriend. If he doesn't, ask him out or make it clear that you like him so he asks you out.

What is your advice in the situation that I am in I like this girl but I am not sure weather she likes me and I think that her best friend likes me?

well first do you like that friend? if not then ignore her, well if you think she does then ask her out if not then do not ask her out, you should flirt with her too.

You like a girl but not sure she likes you what should you do?

Ask her friend whether she likes you.

I think this girl likes me but I'm not sure if i should ask her out what should I do?

well, if you really like her, ask her questions about what she like to do. then maybe you can feel more comfortable asking her on a date, if you can take her to a place, or do something she likes to do. :)

You think a guy likes you should you ask him out?

Make sure you both like each other. If one of you don't like the other then it could work out badly. But if you are really sure that this guy likes you and your ready to commit, go for it!

Should i date the boy that you like and he likes you back at age 13?

Sure, if you like him and he likes you, then go for it.

You know this girl and she knows you and you really like her and your parents are good friends and you think she kinda likes you but your not sure What should you do?

ask her out

Should you tell a guy you like him and how should you tell him if there is someone trying to hook him up with someone else but you think he likes you and aren't sure if he likes her?

You should tell him that you like him and ask him if he likes you back. That way you aren't stressing yourself out about it. If he does like you, ask him out. If he doesn't move on. He's not worth it anyway.

I like this guy and I think he likes me should I wait for him to make the first move or should I drop hints toward him?

I think if this guy really likes you you shouldn't make a move remember your a lady and I say this because you might not be sure if he likes you back and then drop a hint and then look like an idiot. if you get what i mean .

What should you do if you like your co worker and not sure if he likes you back?

Test him when he likes you too!

There is this guy at school you like im not sure if he likes you and you want to tell him you like but what should you say what should you do?

you shouldn't tell him yet! and you should make sure that he is single first and just see the way he acts around you if u think he's giving of signals that he likes you, you should pull him to the side and let him how you feel.

If you like a boy but you are not sure he likes you what should you do?

ask him. or flirt.

What do you do when you like a guy and you think he likes you back but your not sure?

ask the dude

If you have a really good friend of 8 years that you like a lot and you think he likes you should you tell him?

sure, go for it!! Good luck!!

When a guy wants you to entertain him what do you say?

I think that you should entertain him with the things he likes, but when you do entertain him, make sure it is something you like to do also.

Your best friend likes a guy you like him too and you think he likes you more then her what should you do?

you just be your self never give up im sure he will have the guts to ask you out someday

What happens if a boy likes a girl but another girl likes him what should the other girl do?

I think that the best thing to do is to tell him. Sure, he doesn't like you, but he deserves to know how you feel

If you like a guy and your not sure if he likes you what should you do?

You should tell him how you feel. Best Wishes!

Should you ask a boy out if you like him but you're not sure if he likes you too?

you definitly should!

If your not sure a girl likes you should you ask her out or leave it and you think shes really cute?

I think you should just go for it and ask her out.

What does it mean when a guy says I think I love you after a year of dating?

I think is that he is not really sure what he fells for you...i think by then he should know if he likes you or should be careful with that...

If you like a guy and you think he likes you but you are not sure you kind of like this other guy that told you that he likes you which one do you ask out?

Well I think that you should really think about this and talk to both of them. If the guy that didn't say he liked you, if you don't feel like yourself around him I would ask the guy that told me he liked me. :)

You think a married man likes you how can you be sure?

I don't think you should bother to find out. Run away!! Never a good situation for sure.

When a guy say that he likes you what should you do when you like him?

Make sure that he knows that you like him as well.