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I live in Ct can my child's mother get the court to make me pay for braces for her teeth?


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August 13, 2009 10:38PM

Why in the world would you not want to assist in helping your daughter have beautiful teeth? It's not about the ex, it's about taking care of your child. If you are worried about the ex using the money for something else I suggest going to the orthodontist and getting a copy of the contract which shows the breakdown of the costs. You also can request from your ex to show proof of what the insurance will pay, which unfortunately is not as much as most would like. I suggest you also look in your divorce decree which would indicate what percent you are legally responsible for in regards to medical expenses. I'm not sure if you have medical insurance on your child or if the ex does. In my case I carry insurance on my child, and the ex's childsupport which he never pays is suppose to cover part of this cost and he is also responsible for 60% medical costs. Unfortunately he is a dead beat dad and my child who is now 13 realizes this as I do not have to say anything. I suggest if you want the respect from your child as a decent parent you should not let little things such as helping with medical expenses get in the way. Your child is your blood and you have an obligation to her! Don't look at the child support you give as a payment to your ex, it helps cover costs of raising a child which you my friend are 50% responsible for!