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I love you full form?


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2012-04-28 15:52:33
2012-04-28 15:52:33

What is full form i love you....


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Love is the full form of love. Love is all you need. That and a good education.

i love you of the full form

Postscript: I love you.

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P.S. stands for "Post Script."

Life is not an acronym however it can be stands on Love Is For Ever

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1) Laughing Mad Loud 2) Love My Life

There are several full forms of love, or acronyms. These include Life's Only Valuable Emotion, and Lake of sorrow, Ocean of tears, Valley of death, and End of life.

I dont know may be L for love g for grass and i for irish.

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Full Moon Full of Love was created in 1989.

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There is no "full form".

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