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I need Help. I'm playing my clarinet for graduation and I need a few good songs to play on the clarinet that are good for Graduation . Bb Clarinet Help?


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A few good songs to play for graduation are; Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine, With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles, Not Afraid by Eminem. It all depends on how you want to look at your graduation.

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R. Willaman has written: 'The clarinet and clarinet playing'

Some clarinetists have abs from playing the clarinet, because of the way they have to blow.

yes, but its probably very difficult all of the fingerings and notes are the same on a bass clarinet as a regular clarinet. i played clarinet 2 and a half year before i switched to bass clarinet. i would recomend at leay 1 year of beginers lessons before playing the bass clarinet

A plastic clarinet is good for marching band or pep band. They are more durable then wooden clarinets and will not crack due to temperature like a wooden clarinet will. They are also good for students that are just starting out on clarinet. But for anyone serious about playing the clarinet it is better to invest in a wooden clarinet.

The reed on the mouthpiece of the clarinet vibrates to create a sound. Though the whole clarinet is vibrating lightly when you are playing...But the reed is probably the answer you wanted.

playing a clarinet is just the same with a palatal expander than it is before. I had one and there is no difference.

what age did Richard stolzman start plaing the clarinet

When you play piano, it's a step higher than clarinet because clarinet is not a concert pitched instrument, so you have to take what note is on the piano and lower it one. Example: You're playing a G on piano and you want to play it on clarinet. You then play an A on clarinet because it's a step higher. Example 2: You're playing an E on piano and you want to play it on clarinet. You then play an F# on the clarinet. Check by ear just in case!

A sharp is enharmonically the same as B flat. When you are playing a B flat on bass clarinet, you are playing A sharp.

Beethovan played the piano, not the clarinet, by the time he was 12.

It's not the bass clarinet.The octocontrabass clarinet (also known as octo contrabass clarinet, octo contra bass clarinet, or subcontra bass clarinet) is the largest and lowest member of the clarinet family. It is pitched an octave below the contrabass clarinet, or three octaves lower than the standard B♭ soprano clarinet.The Guinness Book of World Records lists the octocontrabass clarinet as having the lowest range of any orchestral instrument, capable of playing B♭-1 concert pitch (the B♭ below the lowest note of the piano).

Clearly she has some idea On how to play because as a clarinet player you can hold the clarinet to your left while you aren’t playing. It’s just not recommended

To warm up a clarinet you play a long note!!! trust me i have been playing for a long time!!! - There's another way... and it won't bother anyone beside you... just blow hot air into the clarinet, without pressing on the reed!

Well there is not necessarily one instrument that is dissonant to the clarinet. Really any instrument is dissonant to the clarinet as long as they are playing a note that has dissonance with the note that the clarinet is playing. So say the clarinet plays an A and a violin (or any other instrument) played a G# there will be a lot of dissonant. If after this you still don't understand try to find a piano and play notes that are next to each other and you will find the dissonance

It depends on the note you are playing. Some notes are higher on the flute even if you are playing the same note on the clarinet and vice-versa.

I recently purchased an Anaxa clarinet and it had improved my playing and mouth positioning. Laval is a cheap brand. My Laval clarinet broke within a week of playing and needed two hundred dollars worth of pad repairs

Clarinet FOR SURE!! I play clarinet and I know it is 1. The easiest. 2. It has a very wide range. 3. You can transpose it very easily. And you can use trumpet sheet music if necessary. IF you really enjoy playing clarinet, I suggest trying bass clarinet. It is a very easy switch. So I think the clarinet is your best choice.

The bass clarinet mostly plays all the low notes that the clarinet wouldn't play. It's only an octave lower. It only depends on what type of music your playing.

Anything that you like, but I would said jazz, classical, and bluegrass. The clarinet is best for light but smooth melody.

Oboe and clarinet are very different instruments. Clarinet is bigger and uses a single reed. Oboe is smaller and uses a double reed. Clarinet has a larger playing range than oboe. Oboe can only play about 3 octaves. And most oboe music does not go up that high. Clarinet does not use vibrato. Oboe uses vibrato. Clarinet is a Bb instrument. Oboe is a C instrument. Playing clarinet is affordable. Playing oboe will put you in debt. :) But if you play oboe on a college and professional level, you will be able to find playing gigs a lot easier. Playing oboe is a lot harder than playing clarinet. You have to have a very good ear when it comes to pitch and you have to be able to work extremely hard to be good at it. It's not an instrument you can just pick up and play. It's takes a lot of practice and a lot of hard work before you start to sound decent. I play the clarinet and have tried the oboe in the past.

If your Clarinet keeps playing low notes high, then first make sure you are not pressing the register key. The register key is what enables the Clarinet to play the higher-octave notes. Try and play an open G and see if it comes out as a high annoyingly sounding note. If it still does, you might have some problems with your Clarinet and I would strongly suggest you go to your local music store and have your Clarinet checked out. If your Clarinet does not hit the higher note without pressing the register key, work your way down the Clarinet. It might have been your mouth not being tight enough around the mouthpiece to seal the clarinet mouthpiece with your mouth. Also, make sure you have your top teeth on the Clarinet because it can cause squeaking if you don't. It might not be your fault at all. It might just be the clarinet. Hope this helped

If you are playing violin music on a clarinet, you have to transpose up one step (a major 2nd). In other words, if you see a C, you play a D. If you are playing clarinet music on a violin, it's the opposite. You transpose down a step.

well I learned by playing the clarinet first i've been playing for two years now. It really isn't that much different then playing the clarinet, it's just an octave lower.

Clarinet playing, cooking, and tanning

As far as I know, I haven't seen a single clarinet in a jazz band (sure in a marching band, but not in jazz). My friends who play clarinet are also in the jazz band, but intead of playing their clarinets, their switch/use saxophones instead. So, no, I don't think clarinet is a jazz instrument.

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