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One OpinionHeres another way not for an action reply disk! All you need to do wait for about a month after the game is like 2 weeks old. Then go to a local game stop bye it used. ( MAKE A VERY GOOD CHOICE!) Go home put it in the D.S. Then see what poke mon you got. (The game must be used). Make sure to get a recite or else this sucks. If every things barely started, take you recite and go back to game stop. Trade it in for another one. Keep doing this til you have like lvl 95 poke mon. (AKA this might not work every time). AND if its not all lvl 100 poke mon just train them if there near that lvl! Another way is before u start a rival qwest... Take you one single poke mon go out in the nearest grass and train it til its lvl 20. This is to be ahead of all gyms and rivals :D. Oh and If you don't keep training after every gym this does not work do the same AFTER YOU BEAT A GYM! More InputWhen you get an Action Replay, you get Pokemon cheats to Have All Health Items, which includes 900 Rare Candies you can use and re-use to level up all your Pokemon.

The best suggestion I can make to you is to train your Pokemon. Don't use the EXP. Share. Instead, before trainer battles, select a certain Pokemon you wish to level up. Use this Pokemon for the entire battle, and the EXP Points it gains will make the Pokemon level up very fast.

Also, you should fight wild Pokemon. You should train fire type Pokemon at the Seafoam Islands in Kanto. You can also train water type Pokemon at Victory Road or Mount Silver.

The places where your Pokemon can be super effective on are the best places to train those Pokemon!

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Q: I need an Action Replay code to get all my Pokemon LV 100?
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What is the cheat code to get all Pokemon in Pokemon silver?

you need an action replay code device with that code to by a action replay code go to

What is the action replay code for Pokemon platiam?

It is a code that has numbers, and you need to buy an action replay to use

What is the Pokemon pearl Action replay code for catching other trainers not their Pokemon?

you need a action replay code it is 2345455ts125 it does not work

How do you get seedot in Pokemon SoulSilver?

well you need an action replay to cath a triners pokemon or you can get a code. you need a action replay or a code so good luck!

What is the action replay code to get dialgla in Pokemon pearl?

You really don't need action replay.

How do you get a Kyogre in Pokemon platinum version with an action replay DS?

You need an action replay code.

Shiny Pokemon code for Pokemon Diamond?

you need the action replay

Pokemon platinum wild Pokemon modifier code us?

u need an action replay its a cheat code device Google what is the action replay code for wild Pokemon modifier.

What is the action replay code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

i dont no but u need action replay 4 it 2 work

Is there a code to get every Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Yes there is but you need an action replay.

Why wont the Pokemon white master code work for your action replay DSi?

you probably need to udate your action replay for the code to work.

How do you catch shiny Pokemon with an action replay?

you need the Pokemon modifier code along with the shiny code

Action replay code to Pokemon pass level 100 in Pokemon pearl?

i need a code not a stupid

Pokemon blue rescue team action replay code easily recruit Pokemon?

U don't even need the action replay code. just get a friend bow.

What is the Pokemon Platinum code for action replay DS?

There are many different action replay codes in Pokemon platinum. If you mean the master code then you need to say where you game was made.

How can you clone in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

you need an action replay and a code

Can you get shiny Pokemon with a action replay?

Yes but you need the code of course.

Where do you get Giratina on Pokemon ruby?

you need to get the action replay code for gba

What if your Pokemon will not get hurt in battle cheat code for Pokemon pearl?

You need to get action replay.

What is the code to get all Pokemon on Pokemon diamond using the action replay Max?

you need to go on and type in "wild Pokemon modifier" and you put the code in your action replay then you can get every single Pokemon in diamond!

How do you type cheats in Pokemon Emerald for?

You need an Action Replay for GBA or GBA SP. Stick your action replay in your Gameboy. Stick Pokemon Emerald in the action replay. Type i n the code.

What is the action replay code for hm moves can be deleted in Pokemon black?

You don't need an action replay code for that, you just go to the move deleter.

What is an action replay code in Pokemon?

An action replay code is a code that unlocks you stuff in the game like all shiny Pokemon or 999 masterballs stuff like that to get it you need to buy an action replay at gamestop (19.99 - 24.99) or walmart (14.99 - 19.99)

Where do you put in the action replay code in Pokemon platinum version?

u need 2 have an action replay thing. u then need to type in the new code by pressing the "add code" button.

Where do you find TM giga drain Pokemon diamond?

you need to get an action replay and use the code alltms and HMS you need to get an action replay and use the code alltms and HMS