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For ease of maintenance and use, I recommend a Webber Genesis series grill. The grill comes in a natural gas configuration for easy clean up. Stainless steel construction will resist weather elements for many years.

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Q: I would like to buy a Weber barbecue grill, where should I go?
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What is the best overall barbecue grill smoker to buy?

There are a large variety of barbecue grill smokers to choose from. Weber, and Little Smokie are two manufacturers of smoking type grills. I would suggest going to a web site like consumer reports, or and reviewing how they rated barbecue smoker grills.

Buying a Barbecue Grill?

If you want to entertain friends and family members with backyard barbecue parties this summer, you will definitely need a high quality barbecue grill. You will want to consider how many people will typically be at your backyard barbecue parties and what types of items you would like to grill on your barbecue. You should also consider whether you want a charcoal or a gas grill. You can find plenty of barbecue grills on sale at the end of the summer.

What benefits can I get for using barbecue charcoal grill?

Many say that the benefits of a barbecue charcoal grill would be the true barbecue flavor that you get from a charcoal grill. Some people prefer a gas grill over a charcoal grill strictly for the convenience, but a charcoal grill will give you a great barbecue flavor when you cook your foods on it.

What is the most popular barbecue grill, and do reviews exist for this model grill?

The most popular barbecue grill depends on whether you are looking for a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Brinkman, Coleman, Masterbuilt and Weber all rate high on the quality scale. On-line retailers such as The Home Depot, Target and Lowe's offer reviews of top-rated grills right on their site. Another place to check for reviews would be Consumer Reports.

What brand and size of gas grill would you recommend for a household of two people?

A good gas grill is made by Weber, I would buy a smaller grill.

Where would you find a burner on a barbecue grill?

Probaly in the doors underneath the grill but if your grill doesn't come with a burner well don't look.

What are some nice new electric barbecue grills?

I would suggest a grill from the brand Weber, for the grills they make have been proven to be generally good all around. A bit of searching might be needed, though.

Why would I choose a Weber grill over a different brand?

Weber grills are a top of the line grill. They come with a 25 year warranty and are high on quality and functionality. Weber is considered the leader in outdoor grilling equipment.

Where can a Weber Baby Q be purchased?

A Weber Baby Q is a portable barbecue grill and is very popular. It may be purchased, on many online sites, such as Amazon, or the original Weber brand site. This product may also be bought on any online sites such as eBay, as someone would be able to sell used items to the public.

What is the best outdoor barbecue grill?

There are a number of great barbecue grill out there, mostly depending on what you would like to spend. Wolf barbecue grills are very well constructed, however, they are out of reach of most consumers, having prices well above $4k each. Weber is a high end grill for the average consumer that offers a very sturdy construction, with good, even heating and cooking. The extra burners aid in cooking different cuts of meats (like roasts) or a large number of pieces of food concurrently.

What are the benefits of different types of gas BBQ grills?

If you are planning to purchase a barbecue grill, a natural gas barbecue grill would be the best suited for cooking and grilling food on it. Even though natural gas grills require a bit more money for it's fuel than the fuel of a propane barbecue, it performs better than a propane barbecue grill because natural gas barbecue grills burn cleaner than a propane barbecue grill, making your food more clean and flavorful.

Which stores provide Korean barbecue grill in the town?

Korean barbecue grills would be something that is harder to find. You would probably have to order one from the internet on a specific grill website. You could also try to construct one.

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