Idaho has a lot of?

Loggers, farmers and miners.

They also have a lot of trout, deer (whitetails and mule deer), elk, coyotes, mountain lions, sturgeon, large raptors, mountains, extremely scenic views, movie stars living in Sun Valley and Coeur d'Alene, lakes, rivers, ski resorts, clean air...

Idaho has more nuclear reactors than any other place on earth.

Idaho has one of the most important hop-growing areas in the world up near Bonners Ferry. If you drink Bud, a little piece of Idaho is in every bottle.

Idaho used to have a lot of white supremacists, who all moved there to get away from the people they hated. To Idaho's credit, the natives rose up and ran them off.

Apparently Idaho never did have any devil worshippers, but when I grew up there in the 1970s there was this rumor all over the Panhandle that Rathdrum was the place to stay out of because the devil worshippers would kidnap you to use as a human sacrifice.

Idaho has both the world's highest navigable river, the St. Joe, and the world's highest ocean port at Lewiston.