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No, only the parents decide this and the adoption papers is the only legally binding contract a minor can sign. When it comes to your child you have the same rights as an adult. No one can force you to keep the child, abort or give it up for adoption.

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Q: If 15 yr old girl 16 yr old boy are having baby and want to adopt out can parents of kids make them keep the baby or can the kids legally put baby up for adoption?
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Can a father re-adopt his sons if the adopted parents are ok with it?

No. When you leave a child for adoption the papers you sign mean that you are legally prevented from being that child's parent again. The final decision on who will adopt a child is the courts even if the adoptive parents say yes in this case. The adoption can be reverted so the child is up for adoption again if they feel they are not his parents but the biological parents can not adopt him.

How can a mother legally adopt her daughter's friend?

The child must be available for adoption...that means the parental rights of the birth parents must be terminated legally. I have one friend who signed over her rights to someone else so that an adoption could take place.

What are some good international adoption agencies that allow single parents to adopt?

A Love Beyond Borders is a good international adoption agency that allows single parents to adopt.

Can two unrelated adults legally become siblings?

Yes. If the parents of the one adopt the other, then they will be siblings. The law recognizes no difference between blood or adoption.

My son's dad has had no contact with us and has paid no child support. My new husband wants to add my son to his health insurance so how can he become my son's legal guardian?

Your husband must legally adopt your son. You should discuss the situation with an attorney who specializes in adoption.Your husband must legally adopt your son. You should discuss the situation with an attorney who specializes in adoption.Your husband must legally adopt your son. You should discuss the situation with an attorney who specializes in adoption.Your husband must legally adopt your son. You should discuss the situation with an attorney who specializes in adoption.

Can you adopt your wife's sister?

Adoption is usually used to establish a legally accepted parent-child or custodial relationship. If your sister-in-law is a minor without custodial parents, it might be possible to adopt her, but as your child, not as your sister. Consult an attorney familiar with adoption law in your area, petition the courts and see if it works.

I would like to adopt my stepchild do i need her father's permission he has no parental rights to her?

Not necessarily, however having the biological parents consent to the adoption makes the process much easier and faster. And having no parents rights is not the same thing as giving his consent. With or without his consent, however the adoption process is possible.

Is it legal if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

If your parents are not your biological parents and have adopted you and made themselves your legal guardians then they would have to have adoption papers or it wouldn't be legal.

If a couple legally adopt a pregnant teenager is the baby automatically their legal grandchild?

Yes. As the legal parents of the mother, any child produced after the adoption becomes your legal grand-daughter.

Can you legally adopt your friend even if she has parents?

Yes, in most states if she/he is an adult and consents to the adoption. Check the laws in your area for more information. Adult adoptions can be done pro se.

What is the abstract noun for adopt?


Can your grandpa adopt you legally?

Yes, with your parents permission

What is semi-closed adoption?

A semi closed adoption is when the parents giving up the baby get to chose the adoptive parents that are eligible to adopt but there is no contact and no exchange of identifying info between the two parents

If you legally give a kid your name is that like adoption?

It depends....Was it only a matter of the child's last name being changed or did you file a Petition to Adopt the child? For you to be the legal parent of this child, then you would have had to file the necessary court paperwork to adopt the child (i.e. petition for adoption) and the court would have had to enter a decree of adoption (i.e. granted your petition for adoption). If the child's name were changed absent an adoption action and decree then you are not legally responsible to support the child.

Parents looking for children to adopt?

Any parent looking to adopt should check with their city/state about kids up for adoption. Contact a local adoption agency to find out who is up for adoption. Make sure you know if you want to have an open or closed adoption (open is the birth parents can contact the child closed is they can not) and be prepared for adoption to be set up and then fall though (the birth mother/father stop the adoption process).

Can you adopt a child that is already in a family?

Not unless the cihld has been legally put up for adoption by them or social services.

Do both parents have to agree on the adoption?

yes, if you're married you cannot singly adopt.

What is it called when you adopt without an adoption agency?

When you adopt without an adoption agency it is called a private adoption.

How do you adopt your teen sister if she is pregnant at 15 and youre the only one who can afford to care for her I am an adult and a military spouse?

If her legal guardian (probably her parents) consent, an adoption could be simple. If the present parents will not consent, you would need to litigate the issue. You should speak with an attorney that practices adoption law in your state for more information. Perhaps you could be awarded a guardianship rather than having to adopt her.

Do gay people have to be married to adopt?

No. In the United States, sexual orientation is generally irrelevant for single-parent adoptions. There are some states where same-sex married couples can jointly adopt. There are states where unmarried couples cannot jointly adopt and same-sex married couples are legally considered unmarried. There are some states where single gay parents can adopt, but same-sex married couples cannot. There are also many states where the adoption may be legal, but there are no legal protections against discrimination by the adoption agency against gays and lesbians. In general, however, if you are a single gay person and wish do adopt a child, you may do so. Joint adoption and "step-parent" adoption are more tricky.

How do you legally adopt your wife's child in Kansas?

Start by finding a Kansas Attorney that practices family law. They will draw up a petition to the court, asking the court to approve the adoption. Having approval of their father will improve the likelihood of the adoption being approved.

Is jillian michaels having a baby?

She is currently in the adoption process to adopt a baby from the DRC in Africa.

Could Parents that put ther children up for adoption ever adopt them back?

The only way birthparents could adopt their child back is if the adoptive parents put the child up for adoption and agreed to give the child back to the birthparents. Once the child is adopted, the birthparents cannot force the parents to give the child back.

Do you have to be a US citizen to adopt a US child?

Information on adoption criteria varies by state. You should consult your local adoption agency for more info. Generally-speaking, adopting a US orphan child (i.e. one who legally has no parents) will be difficult (if not impossible) unless at least one of the adoptive parents is either a US Citizen or a US Permanent Resident.

How can you get your grandparents to be your legal gaurdians?

If your parents die or kick you out and your grandparents legally adopt you.