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6 pm

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Q: If 8pm in central time zone what time is it in Pacific time zone?
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What is 8pm pacific time in eastern time zone?


What time is 8PM eastern standard time in pacific standard time?

8PM Eastern = 7PM Central = 6PM Mountain = 5PM Pacific

If it's 8PM CST US what time is it in India?

When it is 8pm in the Central time zone, it is 7:30am in India. India is eleven and half hours ahead of the central time zone.

What time is 8pm 7 pm central?

that means if a tv show was at 8pm 7pm central, the show would be on at 8pm along the east coast, and 7 pm in he central time zone.

If it is 8pm pacific time what time is it in eastern time zone?

11 pm

What time is 5 pm Pacific time in the Eastern time zone?

It would be 8pm in the Eastern Time zone.

What time is it in California when it's 10pm in Iowa?

California is in the Pacific Time Zone, two hours behind Iowa's Central Time Zone. Thus, if it's 10pm in Iowa, it's 8pm in California.

What time is 8 7c in California?

8pm. If a TV show is advertising its time of airing as being at 8/7 C that means it's on at 8 p.m. in the Eastern Time zone and 7 p.m. in the Central time zone. The Pacific and Mountain time zones follow the same construction. The show is shown live and at the same time in the Eastern and Central timezone and then again in the Pacific/Mountain time zones.

What is 8pm eastern time in pacific time?


If it is 8pm pt what time is it ct?

Central Time is two hours ahead of Pacific Time (two time zones to the east), so it would be 10pm.

What does 87 central mean?

It means "8 Eastern/7 Central. Within the Eastern and Central times zones, 8:00 and 7:00 actually occur at the same time. So a TV show that is on at 8pm on in the eastern time zone will be showing simultaneously at 7pm in the central time zone.

What time and day would it be in Japan if you wake up at 6 am on a Friday in Michigan?

Michigan spans two time zones - Eastern and Central. If you are in the part of Michigan that is in the Eastern Time Zone, it will be 8pm on Friday in Japan. If you are in the Central Time Zone, it will be 9pm on Friday in Japan.

What time is primetime in the US?

There is primetime in the United States. On the Pacific Coast of the United States, it is from 7pm to 10pm. Using Eastern Time, it is 8pm to 11pm. From 7pm to 10pm is the primetime using Central Time. Using Mountain Time is from 8pm to 11pm.

If its 8pm eastern time what time is it pacific time?


What time is 5 PM pacific time in eastern time zone?

3:00PM Eastern time (That's bullshet! 5pm pacific is 8pm eastern. I made a sn just because whoever answered this is so cracked out I couldn't stand to leave it this way.)

When it is 12 noon Pacific time what time is it in London?

When it is 12noon Pacific time, it is 8pm in London. (8 time zones aheadis London)

What time is it in camp patriot Kuwait?

I live in California, pacific time zone, and it is 10 hours later at camp patriot in Kuwait. If it is 8pm here in California it is 6am there.

What time is it in Alabama if its is 8pm in Texas?

Alabama and Texas are in the same time zone.

What time does how i met your mother start?

7pm central/8pm Eastern

What time do the Oscars start in 2011?

5pm pacific 8pm eastern

When is 9 8 central in the east coast?

If it's 9pm on the east coast, it's 8pm Central time.

8pm CST is what time in PDT?

CST_Central_Standard_Time_to_PST_Pacific_Standard_Time_conversion(CST) Central Standard Time is 2 hours ahead of (PST) Pacific Standard Time.. and so: CST/PST 12 a.m. Tuesday = 10 p.m. Monday 1

What does 9 8c mean in mountain time?

If you are asking about how the TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) advertise their programs "CSI starts at 9pm, 8 central" means that the program begins at 9pm Eastern, Mountain and Pacific time zones. It begins at 8pm in Central Time. The Networks have three feeds of their prime-time line-up. The first one feeds the eastern and central time zones. The second is delayed by two hours and feeds Mountain time. The third feeds Pacific Time.

When is the click movie coming out?

"Click" with Adam Sandler, will be broadcast in the U.S. on FOX network, this Thursday, Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving Day), at 8pm Eastern & Pacific; 7pm Central; and 9pm Mountain Time.

How far apart is central and eastern standard times?

Between Central and Eastern Time Zones, there is a one hour difference. If it is 8pm in Eastern time, it is 7pm in Central. Just subtract one hour from eastern to become Central Time.

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