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No. citizenship has to do with where you were born, and where your parents were born. It has nothing to do with marriage.

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Q: If American citizen marries French citizen do they both have duel citizenship?
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A French and American dual citizenship marries an American does she get french citizenship?

No. The spouse would have to naturalize in France to become a french citizen. Children of this couple, who are born in the US, are dual French-US citizens at birth. The process for "recognizing" french citizenship is complicated, however.

Can you be an American citizen and a French citizen?

Duel citizenship is not forbidden in the United States. There is no reason that this would be impossible. Wikipedia has a page on that (United_States_nationality_law#Dual_citizenship)

What does the term 'she is french' mean?

she is French means she has French citizenship, she is a citizen of France.

Your grandfather is a French descendant can you get citizenship?

i want to know this too! it sounds like you need a parentwho is a french citizen, and that grandparents don't do it...

Why was napolean a french citizen?

Because Corsica was once again passed from Italian control back to the French. Napoleon was born therefore on French soil. There is blood citizenship and soil citizenship. Blood citizenship refers to having relatives who are citizens (not good enough just to be born in the country to be a citizen--that's soil citizenship) France has long recognized both types of citizenship.

Can a girl get citizenship by marrying a pondichery french citizen?

You can apply to get French citizenship by marriage, after being married for a few years with a French citizen. It is essential to prove that your spouse has French nationality (being born in a former French colony is not taken as an indication of French nationality), and that you are effectively living with him (there should be an enquiry by officials into that)

Can a French citizen sue an American company for viloation the law of France?

A French citizen can sue an American company in France for violation of French laws.

If You were born in France and your mother was a French citizen how do you get a French passport?

If you are a French citizen, living in mainland France: apply to your local "sous-préfecture" or "préfecture". If you are a French citizen, living abroad, report to the local consulate or embassy. If you need to establish your citizenship, report to these same locations, with documents proving the French citizenship of your mother. Once your mother's citizenship established, you will be asked some more documents proving that you are her son or daughter. This step being cleared, you will be able to get a French ID at the same office.

Can you change your french passport to get USA passport?

If you have a green card and have lived in the US for at least five years; then apply for American citizenship and become a dual citizen of France and the US. Why giving up your French passport!?* If you are just a French citizen and do not live in the US, thinking about just exchanging the two nationalities with eachother, the answers is no.

What French citizen hoped to gain American support for France?

Edmund Charles Genet was the French citizen that hoped to gain American support for France. During the French Revolution he was the French Ambassador to the US.

Was Coco Chanel an American citizen?

No, she was a French national.

Can a green card holder residing in US exit from Canada and enter Canada from France?

the green card has nothing to do with the Canadian/French visit. What matters is where is your citizenship based from? as a French citizen or Canadian citizen then you'll have no issues traveling back and forth from Canada to France. The green card is used for American relations only.