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he pulled out all the troops from Iraq so there wouldn't be a war anymore

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Q: If Barack Obama was president what are Barack Obama's idea to stop the Iraq war?
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Barack obamas accomplishments-?

Turning the US auto-industry and ending the war in Iraq are some of the accomplishments of the administration of Barack Obama.

The historial significance of barack obama as president?

He was the first African American President, and he ended the war in Iraq, except for the peacekeepers.

Where does Barack stand on the War in Iraq?

Barack Obama does not like the war.

Why do republicans dislike obamas foreign policy?

president obama did what republicanes could not do got our troops our iraq and killed osama ben laden

Does Barack Obama support the US Military?

Barack Obama has been very supportive of the US military, as has his wife Michelle. Both the Obamas have tried to improve conditions for military families, and Mr. Obama ended the war in Iraq and brought the majority of the troops home. The president has also had a positive relationship with both of his secretaries of defense, one of whom was a Republican and the other a Democrat.

What about President Barack Obama removed all combat troops from Iraq?

The president always opposed the war in Iraq when he was a senator, and he campaigned for president promising to remove the remaining combat troops from Iraq. He has kept his promise in that regard.

What is Barack Obama's plans for the war in Iraq?

Obama wants to make peace with Iraq so there is no more war

What is Luke's troops?

lukes troops are barack obamas d!cks/ballz to invade iraq

Two ideas what will Barack Obama do as president?

In 2008, he promised to try to change politics in Washington, and to end the war in Iraq.

Was there a war when Barack Obama was president?

Yes. Barack Obama officially called an end to the Iraq War and set deadlines for bringing troops home. Although as of this time many troops still remain in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan continues today (November 2010) and Obama approved a surge in troops in Dec 2009.

Can Barack Obama send solders to Iraq and stop the war?

Answer 1He promised when he was elected president that he would end our involvement in Iraq, and that is exactly what he did.Answer 2It is unclear what the question is asking. If it is asking if Barack Obama has the power to send soldiers to Iraq and he has the power to stop the war in Iraq, then yes. As president of the United States he has the power to move troops wherever he desires. He also has the power to end military engagements. If the question is whether Barack Obama can do both actions at the same, then no. Sending soldiers to a foreign nation would not stop a war, it would start one.

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