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Paul Emory Washington is generally regarded as "the" heir.

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Q: If George Washington had been King who would be King now?
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Who could have been king but refused a crown?

George Washington George Washington

How is George Washington different from King George III?

King George III and George Washington were nothing alike. First of all, they were enemies. King George III was the King of England. George Washington was never a king and he didn't want to become one either. George Washington was the first president of the United States. King George III wasn't and he has never even been to The United States of America anyway. King George III also lived a lot longer than George Wshington.

Who has been called the fathr of our country?

George Washington

If George Washington had became king of America what might have our government become?

Given our colonists desire to have freedom of the people and representation with taxation and a government where the people decide who their leaders would be, it is fair to say George Washington would have been immediately dethroned through a grand scale revolt. Even colonists that shared political beliefs with George Washington would find having him as "King" in contrast to everything they had fought for in the revolution.

Do you agree that George Washington should have been picked as president?

yes :P George Washington was the most appropriate possible choice, as the first President of the US. Without Washington's efforts, the revolution would have failed and there would not have been a United States, and no one would have been elected President.

George Washington's salary?

George Washington would have been paid about $25,000 for his service as President of the United States. He turned this down and was paid nothing for his service.

What early leader would have been most opposed to such ideas?

george washington

What did King George look like in rip van winkle?

In Washington Irving's 'Rip Van Winkle,' the picture of King George III that used to hang in the local tavern, has been replaced by a picture of George Washington. In the twenty years that Rip slept, he had missed the Revolutionary War entirely.

What made King George king?

He was a royal and next in line since he was the oldest heir to the king. He would have been a son of the king.

Which president is pictured on the quarter?

George Washington, been on it since 1932

Who was king of Belfast at the time of the Titanic?

Belfast was within the British Empire then and the King would have been King George V.

How many books are they about George Washington?

There has been over 3,000 books written on George Washington.