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in the black eyed peas of coarse!

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2011-12-04 16:27:18
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Q: If Georgia and Tennessee used the same type of currency but South Carolina and Georgia did not where would you be more likely to travel and trade and why?
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Which colonies would most likely have had cash crops and large plantations?

Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Most likely a hurricane to happen in Tennessee or North Carolina?

Both can feel their effects however North Carolina being closer to the Atlantic coastline will suffer more damage.

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You would go likely go through 3 states - North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia - to get from eastern Virginia to Florida.

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There are several. The route you'd most likely take would run you through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and then Texas.

Where would you be from zip 18052 towards I 95 in 12 hours towards florida?

Most likely in South Carolina somewhere between Lake Marion and the Georgia border.

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Most likely their own.

Which of the president came for North Carolina?

Andrew Jackson is credited as being born in North Carolina, but the region he was born in was an unsurveyed border region, and it's likely that where he was born is actually now a part of South Carolina. James Polk and Andrew Johnson were verifiable North Carolina natives. None of those three presidents actually were residents of North Carolina when they were elected - they all resided in Tennessee.

What renewable resources does Tennessee have?

likely cattle and hogs.

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There is no Manhattan in Georgia. You are likely referring to Manhattan, New York.

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Most likely when Georgia was still in the USSR

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