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God is the creator of the earth, man is the inventor of money. God has no need of what man has invented.

AnswerGod doesn't need money, nor have I heard of him ever asking for such. It's the preachers and clergy who do his works on earth that need the money. Even the most spiritual professions are subject to the needs of society. AnswerThat's just part of the Great Spell of Leviathan (the Spell of Sleep). People are programmed to believe certain things in Christianity to cover up their lies that they have created. No, The Most High does not need money, nor does he need us. A pastor mentioned that he's trying to make God 'look good'. Does he really need us to make Him look good? No. Christianity contains anti-Christ in it and you'll see how contradictive this "religion" is. You've been lied to... he doesn't need money. AnswerThe call for money usually comes from religious leaders and evangelists, claiming the God "needs" your contribution. But we see that the money that is supposed to go for "God's work" is used by those same religious leaders and clergy to live in luxury.

The fact is, God doesn't need anything from us materially. What he does ask for is our obedience and devotion. Jesus and the first century Christians did not set up a paid clergy class that would be a burden upon the members of the congregation. In fact, Jesus gave the principle as to how they ought to conduct their ministry when he said,"You received free, give free."(Matthew 10:8) So the message was to be done without charge. The paid clergy that we have today was not set up until years after the death of Jesus and the apostles. The Mosaic Law, the most famous part being the 10 commandments, did have a provision for a tithe, but this was to take care of the needs of the temple. That covenant was fullfiled and no longer in force with the death of Jesus, thus we also do not have to do the animal sacrifices that were also required under that same law.

Today ,however, many religious leaders and clergy use the principle of the tithe to justify the many requests for money. Often there are membership dues and collections that are required to maintain church membership, but that was not the way of the first century congregation. Even the apostles had secular jobs to support themselves without being paid by the congregation. For example, Luke was a physician and Paul was a tent maker.

True Christians have a commission by Jesus to preach the good news to the entire world. (Matthew 28:19,20) The work does require monetary support, since there are Bibles printed and Bible-based literature that require ink, paper, and machinery to do such. Jesus gave the standard as to how gifts should be made when he said that these "gifts of mercy may be in secret."(Matthew 6:3) Paul also gave further instruction as to our gifts to the congregation when he said," Let each one do just as he has resolved in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."(2 Cor 9:7) So our contributions are a matter of individual choice, according to our own set of circumstances, and in private. If someone has no way to support the work monetarily, then he should never feel or be made to feel that he cannot be a part of the congregation or that somehow God does not approve of him. Everyone regardless of social standing is important to God, and can attain to salvation without charge, and no one can buy their way into God's favor.

So we can examine a religious organization and see whether these standards are met. The first Century Christians did not resort to the collection methods we see practiced today. Jesus, the early Christian Apostles, and Elders were not a financial burden to the congregation, living in luxury. Jesus said he didn't even have a place to lay down his head. (Matthew 8:20) Obviously if there is no paid clergy then the monies that are contributed go directly to the actual preaching ministry work, without waste, and without unnecessary burden upon it's members. The organization will do much more with much less.

AnswerWho said "God" needs money? Please be discerning when you hear such asenine statements as this. Every statement, commandment, statute, etc. uttered across a pulpit or over radio waves must pass Scriptural muster. Many (if not most) do not! You must be referring to the unauthorized practice of pastors extracting "tithes" from their "flock" claiming that it "belongs to God". First of all, one must "study (The Word)to show themselves approved unto God...a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." It is unfortunate that most people today don't study! And because of this they are caught off guard by statements like the above. Though tithing was practiced by Jews in the Old Covenant the practice (commandment) to tithe is no longer valid because the Levitical priesthood was abolished by God Himself. Thus, since the priesthood was abolished so was the commandment to tithe. Pastors today like to use a particular passage in Micah which asks, "will a man rob God? tithes and offerings". However, this scripture is taken completely out of context. The question was being directed to priests only and not to the common people. The priests at this time had become so corrupt that prophets were sent to admonish them. It was the priests that were robbing God not the common folk. Additionally, tithing was never about money. It was always about livestock and agricultural products..."so that there might be food in mine (God's) house." A short study in practically any Bible will quickly and clearly prove what tithing was really about and it has nothing to do with supporting a man/woman who thinks that they are entitled to 10% of everyone's income. It isn't true! Study to show yourself approved and you won't ever be hoodwinked again. Answer'Love of money is the root of all evil.' That's in The Bible and God was so right! Answer1) There is a major difference between possessing something and it possessing you.

2) If God does not "need" money then why does he command us to give one tenth of our "income" (for lack of a better word; anything that has trading value is considered money)?

AnswerGod does not need money at ALL. He wants you to give your money to see if you would be obedient to him. He doesn't care if you give a thousand dollars or a dime. He just wants to see if you will obey him. Answer

This one seems to have upset a lot of people, I wonder why? God does not need money at all. The giving of money represents a sacrifice on the part of the worshipper and giving tithes and offerings are part of Christian obedience and worship.

As well as the practicalities of paying the bills of full time ministers and their families. Most people only really look at the few rich ministers of the big and famous churches but there is a myriad of people dedicating their lives to God who are very far from being rich.

And yes there IS plenty of clear scripture to support it.

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Q: If God is capable of creating the heavens the earth and everything in it then why does He need money?
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