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If Hitler was Jewish than why did he kill Jews?

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Hitler was not Jewish.

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Why did the Germans single out the Jews?

THey singled out the jews because Adolf Hitler thought Christians and Catholics were better than Jewish people so he decided to kill the jewish people

Did hitler just kill jewish people?

No. Either way you read the question, the answer is no. Hitler did more than simply kill Jews, he also deprived them of their rights, quarantined them, starved them, tortured them, and authorized immoral medical procedures be done to them. On the other side, Hitler did not only kill 6 million Jews, he also killed 5 million Non-Jews.

Why did Hitler kill mostly Jewish?

Hitler did kill more Jewish people than any other group. There were other groups who were also targeted such as Romanies (Roma people), communists and disabled and mentally handicapped children, although they were not killed in such large numbers as the Jews.Hitler killed the Jews because........well no one knows because these webites wont tell you why!!one if the reasons was because his mom died of cancer and her doctor was Jewish.

Did Hitler kill more Jews than other ethnic groups?

Yes, he focused his killing mostly on Jews.

What did Hitler do with Jews and why?

He, via his henchmen, sent the Jews to death-camps. That was because Hitler believed that the Jewish race, in particular, was a 'lower' race than others, and that the Jews where to blame for, sort of, everything bad.

What was Hitler's reason to kill the Jews?

Hitler believed the Jews were responsible for Germany's loss in WW1 and as a result for all of Germany's problems. He also believed that Jewish people were controlling the world and therefore he hated Jews more than anybody else probably ever has and therefore he wanted to kill all of the Jews in Europe.

Did Hitler hate Jews more than Judaism?

There's no evidence that Hitler took any interest in Judaism (that is, the Jewish religion), but there is plenty of evidence that from about 1919 he was very preoccupied with Jews.

Did Russia help the Nazis kill Jews?

it is a fact that starlin and the Russian army killed more Jews than Hitler and the riech

Why did Hitler detest the Jews?

He blamed the Jews for Germany's defeat in World War One. Hitler was an Austrian and anti-Semitism was always stronger there than in Germany proper. He linked both capitalism and communism (Carl Marx was Jewish) with the Jews.

Did Hitler wipe out about one third of the world's Jews?

Yes. Out of a total worldwide Jewish community of between 15-16 million Jews in 1939, Hitler killed 6 million, which is a little more than third.

Why did hitler kill 5 million jews?

Firstly, Hitler killed 6 million Jews (not 5 million). However, his rationales for killing them are no different as a group than as individuals as set out in the Related Questions below.

What beliefs did hitler have that drove him to kill 6 million jews?

The Nazi party had rather harsh views of the Jewish people. Most notably, their view of racial supremacy led them to believe that the Jewish people were less than human, and the blame placed on the Jews for the loss of World War 1 led the Nazi party to believe the Jewish people needed eliminated to better society.

Can you name 3 people or companies that have a hatred toward the Jews?

Hitler, Haman, and Vashti. Hitler killed many Jews during world war 2. Haman was going to kill Achashverosh (the king of Shushan at that time) and then kill the Jews. Vashti had gold stolen as the first beit hamikdash was destroyed and than showed it of at her party.

Did queen Victoria execute people?

she didn't kill anyone.

Was Hitler ordered by the Pope and the Catholic church to kill the Jews?

No, he was not. Hitler decided to embark on his antiSemitic campaign almost entirely of his own accord.Roman Catholic AnswerNothing could be further from the truth. Pope Pius XII did more to save Jews than any single individual. The trials he had to go through both to save the Catholics and the Jews while opposing Hitler were unbelievable. The story is summarized in the link below. INDEPENDENT ANSWERIt is true that the Pope never specifically ordered Hitler to kill Jews.

What was Hitler's main reason for wanting to kill all of the Jews in europe?

Hitler not only wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe but any race other than his own based on autocracy government. which means one person rule.

Why did hilter kill all the jews?

There are several reasons Jews were targeted. Jews, as a whole, were more prosperous than many Germans, so greed and jealously were also tied in with the persecution. Hitler and the Nazis also saw the Jews as an inferior race and much of National Socialism hinged on racial stratification. Finally,Hitler believed the Jews, particularly the Zionist Jews, had sold out Germany at the end of World War I. As a former World War I German soldier, this belief caused him to develop an unnatural hatred for the entire race of Jewish people.

Who did Hitler want to kill in the Holocaust other than the Jews?

Hitler wanted to kill basically anyone that didn't fit his model of perfection (he wanted to create a "master race", like handicapped people and gypsies. He also killed the people who opposed his plan and helped hide jews. This act was very racist indeed and killed almost 6 million jews.

Did hitler like the jewish germans and the nazis?

Hitler was the leader of the Nazis, so it's safe to stay that he liked most of them, especially after he killed a bunch of Nazis in 1934 (he thought they might betray him).The Nazis- including Hitler- HATED Jews. They thought Jews were no better than rats, and wanted to wipe them out. Six million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany because of this irrational hatred.

Did Hitler want to kill all the Jews in Europe?

This is easy. The answer is yes. He wanted them off the face of Earth and after he got rid of the Jews in Europe, he wanted to continue his work for world domination and kill other undesirables. Jews were the main ones that were targeted and more than half of the murders committed in the Holocaust were alone just Jews.

How did Hitler freeze the Jews?

He did more burning than freezing.

Why did Adolf Hitler kill millions of Jews?

His rationales for killing them as a multitude are no different as a group than as individuals. Those rationales are set out in the Related Questions below.

What year did Hitler kill all the Jews in Nazi controlled Germany?

he didn't, he killed himself in 1945 before the job was completed. that is right he never killed....... well he did kill one jew, but other than that he did not kill anybody

Did Hitler kill Jews in places other than Germany?

Many concentration camps were not in Germany. Auschwitz is in Poland for example. As the Germans invaded other countries, they found other Jews that were also sent to the camps.

What is the difference between Messianic Jews and Orthodox Jews?

There is only one difference: Orthodox Jews are Jewish, while Messianic Jews are Christians. In fact, more than 70% of so called "messianic" Jews are not actually Jewish by birth.

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