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Yes, you can apply for Dutch nationality.

Even if you dont get married, if you live together, you can also apply for it but it takes longer of course.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-14 01:19:22
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Q: If I am married to a Dutch national may you apply for Dutch naturalisation?
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Your grandfather was a dutch national who gave up his citizenship to take up another nationality can you now apply for dutch citizenship?

I was a dutch national who became an Australian citizen However the dutch still consider me Dutch. In your case the situation seems a little more extreme and I suggest you contact the Netherlands Consulate for clear advice on this question. You can apply for Dutch citizenship, but as far as I know you will be treated no differently because of the history of your grandfather. Anyone can attempt to apply for Dutch citizenship, but your situation as described in your question does not give you any eligibility.

If my father emigrated to Canada from Holland in 1949 with his family and became a Canadian citizen in 1956 am I entitled to apply for a Dutch passport as the child of a Dutch born national?

It depends on whether or not your father is still Dutch. The Dutch Embassy will be able to tell you that.

How do you apply for a Dutch passport?

go to the dutch embassy

How do you get a certificate of British citizenship?

If you were born in the UK, your birth certificate will confirm that you are British. If you have lost it, you can apply for a copy. It you are British by naturalisation, your certificate will prove it.

You are a Turkish citizen can you get married on a tourist visa in UK?

you can get married but you cannot apply to remain here. you need to leave the uk and apply for entry clearance from turkey to come as the spouse of uk national.

Can you get a British passport for your Chinese wife?

Of course, if your british and she married you, she has legal right to stay in UK now and there for she is a british national, she can apply for it.

After a US citizen and a foreign national on a tourist visa obtain a marriage license can the foreign national apply for a 'green card'?

No, the couple would need to become legally married, the citizen spouse would need to apply for a change of status for the non citizen spouse. If it is granted the foreign spouse would be allowed to remain in the US and after having been married for two years could apply for permanent resident status.

If your grandparents have German or dutch passports can you apply for a passport?

No, you can only apply for a passport if one of your parents has citizenship to one of these countries.

If I live in Colorado but am getting married in Chicago where do I apply for a marriage license?

If you are getting married in Chicago, you apply for a marriage license in Chicago.

How many years you have to be married to apply for us residency?

You do not need to be married any particular length of time to apply for US residency. Once you are married to a US citizen you can apply for residency right away. The process takes about 6 months to complete.

Can welfare find out if you are married?

No. Welfare can not find out if you are married unless you apply for your spouse.

Does the National Fire Protection Association standards apply to the Army?

Yes, they do apply to the Army.

How can you get a Switzerland passport?

In order to get a Swiss passport you need to be a Swiss citizen. To be naturalised as a Swiss citizen you need to be a legal resident for at least 12 years, and then apply to your local Gemeinde. The naturalisation process can take a number of years.

Can you divorce a filipina?

If you are married, you can apply for divorce.

Is there a name for lesbian couples?

If they are married, they are referred to as a "married couple." If they are not married, usually the term "girlfriends" would apply.

Can you apply for a marriage license while filing for a divorce?

No, you cannot apply for a license to get married if you are already married. You have to wait until the divorce decree is final.

If I want to rent a rental car Minibus 12 or 15 persons with a Dutch drivers license which law applies Dutch or American law?

The laws apply from where you are renting at.

Which amendment apply to the national guard?

Amendment 2

How can you join a clan in crossfire?

Go to the related link . Log in using youre cross fire account. Then browse for your clan you want to join and click "Apply". You have to be accepted before you get in. For Example: If you are dutch you browse for Dutch*WarS and click apply. good luck

If you live in Germany and would like to work in England how can you apply for a National Insurance Number?

If you live in Germany and would like to work in England how can you apply for a National Insurance Number?

How do apply to sing the national anthem for a pro sport?

you should go to YouTube and search national anthem and study the national anthem.

What does the Dutch word aanvragen mean?

'aanvragen' translates to 'apply for' and 'request' and 'order' For example: Dutch: een vergunning aanvragen English: apply for a licence Dutch: een plaatje/nummer aanvragen English: request a record/song Dutch: een boek aanvragen English: order a book etc.

If an illegal immigrant is married to an American citizen can that person apply for a visa?

Yes they can apply - there will be tough questions though.

When can you apply for citizenship if you married a us citizen?

you can apply for citizenship after three years of living in the us. the years do not have to be consecutive.

Who can apply for immigration in Italy?

I am the Pakistan national I have sehganen 2years multiple visa can I apply Italy Immigration in Rome.

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