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If I am to get off of parole in 2013 is there a chance I can get reviewed for early discharge?

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Of course there is. Talk to your parole officer.

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What constitutes eligibility for early parole in California or How is early parole determined?

Continuous parole (no breaks, RTC, absconding), non-serious, non-violent, non-pc290=6 month early discharge. Serious, violent, and/or hrso=25 month early discharge.

What has the author Dorothy R Jaman written?

Dorothy R. Jaman has written: 'Sentences and offenses' -- subject(s): Crime, Parole, Prison sentences 'Early discharge from parole' -- subject(s): California, Parole, Rehabilitation of criminals

How long does it take to discharge parole?

If your expected parole is two years, it will take two years of paroled time (two years from the date of release) for the parole to be discharged. If your expected parole is 3, 5, or 10 years, it will likewise take three, five, or ten years. Early release from parole is possible, but it will only be granted at the need of the state--say, to reduce the numbers of parolees to lower case loads of parole officers. Then, only those who the parole office determines to be ready, or of lesser threat to public safety will be released early.

Can a parole officer change the length of time a person is on parole?

An offender's parole term cannot be extended, but probation can. It is possible to be discharged from both early, but early discharges from parole are rare. While parole cannot technically be extended by a Parole Officer, it can be extended by the Parole Board, and can effectively be extended by situations that create "dead time" such as time spent in rehabilitation or in custody for a potential violation of conditions.

How can you use the word parole in a sentence?

Example sentence - He was released early from prison and placed on parole for 5 years.

What happens to Michigan prisoners after early release?

They go on parole.

What is it called when a criminal is released from prison early but with restrictions?


Can an early discharge get you pregnant?


Early release for inmates on parole in Colorado?

bobby jones

Governors have the power to grant a prisoner or early release from prison?


Is discharge a early symptom of pregnancy?


Is probation and parole the same thing?

No. Probation refers to time that a person is "watched" instead of incarcerated. Parole means the person was released early from their confinement.

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What type of discharge would you have in early pregnancy?

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You have brown discharge with a bad smellwhat could it be?

the beginning of your mestural period.

Is milky white vaginal discharge a early sign of pregnancy?

no it is not an early sign of pregnancy

How do probation and parole differ?

Parole differs from probation in that parolees, unlike probationers, have been incarcerated. Parole supported the concept of indeterminate sentencing, which held that a prisoner could earn early release through good behavior and self-imprisonment.

Can you get paroled early from your prison sentence?

If your sentence has a "possibility of parole" date on it, it is highly unlikely that you will be paroled until you have served at least that amount of time. However, there have been circumstances that have led to early parole, one of which I know is overcrowding in prisons. And if there is a circumstance in which early parole is offered, inmates are usually selected according to their behavior or the nature of their crime. You can be paroled after you've served 1/3 of your sentence, depending on your behavior.

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When are you offered the chance for parole?

It depends on the state, but I believe(In MASS anyway) you are normally eligible for parole after serving 1/3 of your sentence. However, some states do not even have parole. For example, Maine allows parolees to move here, but we do not have parole. Instead we give "good time", which takes some time off of the sentence and if you receive a suspended sentence, you get out early and serve the rest of your time on probation. If you mess up on probation, you ban be sent back to prison for a part of the rest of you sentence or just for the rest of your sentence. But like I sadi, it depends on the state.