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Online GED Program which gives every one of you an opportunity to earn your High ... Most jobs today require at least a high school diploma. you can now obtain your ... WHY SHOULD I GET MY ONLINE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA NOW? ... GED or have been wondering to get accredited diploma, with a short course and if ...

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Q: If I failed most of my classes, can I still get my accredited high school diploma?
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How do you accreded your high school diploma?

Your high school diploma is accredited when it is issued from a high school that is accredited by an agency recognized by the State or US Department of Education. You will need to find an accredited high school to attend and earn a diploma. Then you will have an accredited high school diploma.

Is nation high school accredited?

is the nation high school diploma fully accredited

Is Belford an accredited school?

Belford is an accredited online school offering high school diploma program.

What accredited high school diploma programs does Mississippi colleges accept?

I am looking for a accredited high school diploma program that are accept at community colleges in the state of Mississippi

Is southeastern high school accredited?

yes it is-got my diploma there

How is an accredited high school diploma obtained?

An accredited high school diploma is typically obtained by attending school online. These diplomas are from actual high schools and differ greatly from a GED certificate.

Is woodfield high school diploma fake?

A high school diploma issued by an accredited educational institute is considered legitimate and recognized. Woodfield is an accredited online school. I don't think it is fake.

Where can I find information about online high school classes?

You are looking for an affordable and flexible online high school course to expand your general knowledge or even earn your accredited high school diploma.

How does a diploma from a non accredited high school differ from an accredited high school?

1 counts and another 1 doesn't...

Is the Mcford high school accredited?

All private schools online or otherwise need to be accredited in order for their diploma to be recognized and accepted, I looked at this school's website and it seems like it is an accredited online school offering diploma programs. Look alright to me.

What are some accredited sites that will help one get a high school diploma online?

There are a few accredited sites that will help one get a high school diploma online. Some of these sites include 'High School Diploma Online', 'Aberdeen Academy High School' and 'Excel High School'.

Is Belford High School an eligible school?

Belford High School is not an accredited school. It is a Diploma Mill

Is Midwest adult academy an accredited high school diploma?


Can i use woodfield high school accredited diploma to enter regina's college of beauty?

Your high school diploma is not a guarantee to get into any college. Colleges have their own selection criteria. If it is a private school with accredited diploma then yes all colleges accept such diplomas.

Is stenford online high school accredited?

Online schools have to be accredited in order to be recognized and Stenford looks like an accredited online school offering high school diploma programs.

Are there accredited online high school diploma programs?

The short answer to your question: yes, there are accredited online high school diploma programs. might be a good place to start your search.

What colleges will take this high school diplomas?

I graduated from cosmopolitan prep school in 1996 and my diploma is not accredited by the state what colleges will take this diploma?

Can you tell what college accept nation high school diplomas?

Private schools need to be accredited to issue a high school diploma. A school with accreditation can reward a high school diploma. Colleges accept high school diplomas if they are issued by an accredited school. Nation high school is accredited so most colleges should accept their diploma. However, your admission to a college does not depend on your high school diploma alone. Colleges consider several other things before granting you admission.

If you received an accredited high school diploma are you eligible for financial aid for college?


Is woodfield high school an accredited school and is their high school diploma accepted by colleges and universities?

Colleges and universities do accept accredited diplomas however the acceptance of this diploma in your application is just the acceptance of your application for review, having a school diploma is not a guarantee of admission into any college or university, whether it is woodfield or anyother school.

What schools offer a online high school diploma?

There are many options for someone who wishes to get their high school diploma online. One such program is, an accredited program that offers a high-school diploma.

Why US Army refuse your Belford High school diploma?

Belford is an accredited high school so the US army should not refuse to accept it. May be you have failed some other criteria to join the forces?

Can a accredited high school diploma get you a job?

A high school diploma will help get you started, but as you grow to supervisory or other levels, you really need that degree.

Where can I earn an online accredited high school diploma?

I would suggust to you first This is a website for the nations leading program in high school diploma.

Is Benjamin Franklin High School Accredited to give out a High school diploma done through post mail?

Yes, I have one and the instructors are very caring, friendly. I have been searching for a college that accepts their accredited diploma.