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Hello, The period you received means you have not conceived. If you recently had a miscarriage (within the last 3 months) it's possible or you to still experience mild pregnancy symptoms. However if your period was lighter or unusual for you, then perform a pregnancy test. Good luck TTC. Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in place of a medical expert.

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You just started having symptoms of a miscarriage but the home pregnancy test says negative.Could you really be having a miscarriage?

if only just pregnant then yes it wouldn't show up on a test

Are you having a miscarriage if there's no bleeding?

If your not bleeding then your pregnant if you start bleeding in your pregnancy it's a miscarriage

If you had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago at 6 weeks and have yet to have a period are having pregnancy symptoms and took a test that was positive could you be pregnant again?

I would say you are pregnant again. It is easier ro get pregnant right after a miscarriage. I would go see a doctor to confirm the pregnancy as soon as possible

Im having heavy periods but symptoms of pregnancy?

miscarriage, that's all i can think of

Can you have a normal pregnancy if you have previously had a miscarriage?

yes you can get pregnant after a miscarriage .. i had once miscarriage now i have 4 beautiful children having a miscarriage has no effect on future fertility. Most women who have had 1 miscarriage go on to have a full term pregnancy.

Don't know if I'm pregnant but having symptoms of miscarriage i know i possibally could be pregnant?

i suggest you go to the doctor.

Possible pregnancy but also having miscarriage symptoms whats going on?

Go and see the doctor or midwife

Does pregnancy symptoms disappear if having a miscarriage?

Yes, They do. For example tenderness in breast is reduced, sign that you had a miscarriage as well as heavy bleeding n cramping.

Miscarried about 3 weeks ago i still feel like I'm having pregnancy symptoms is that normal?

Yes, also you could get pregnant again very easily after a birth or miscarriage.

You have missed your period and had a positive pregnancy test but am not having pregnancy symptoms?

You don't need to have symptoms to be pregnant. Some people don't get symptoms for weeks. You're definitely pregnant. i would go to the doctor and get it checked

How will it take to get pregnant after a tubal pregnancy?

A woman can get pregnant during her next cycle. In fact, woman are very fertile after having a baby or a miscarriage.

What do pregnancy symptoms mean if you aren't pregnant?

I want to know the same exact thing! im having all the symptoms but the pregnancy test said no?

How do know if its symptoms of pregnancy im having or if its a symptom of stopping the Depo-Provera?

Take a pregnancy test. If it's positive, the symptoms are due to pregnancy. If not, you're not pregnant.

After having a miscarriage 8 months ago my period is 4 days late. Took pregnancy test and it came back negative... am i pregnant?

after having a miscarriage 6 months ago my period is 4 days late.took pregnancy test it came back negative am i pregnant

Could you be pregnant or having a miscarriage if you had pregnancy symptoms but a test was negative and you had a short period and now you are cramping?

You can test negative and still be pregnant it depends on when you took the test and when you had unprotected sex. A HPT is not accurate until atleast 14 days. There would probably be alot more blood and discomfort if you were having a miscarriage. Wait a week and take another HPT.

Can you have a negative pregnancy test and then have a miscarriage after?

No, if you're having a miscarriage, the pregnancy test will still be positive as you're passing the pregnancy.

Is it possible to be pregnant if your period is a week late but you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes you could be pregnant if you are having unprotected sex. Symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting, and breast tenderness. If you are pregnant, you could be threatening to have a misscarriage, or not pregnant and having a late period.

Could you still be pregnant even though you had your period but still having pregnancy symptoms?

yes you can,i would get a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period two weeks early and now having pregnancy symptoms and cramping?

Hiya! Yes you could be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

You have your period yet im having pregnancy symptoms?

I suggest you take a pregnancy test, but a very reliable sign of pregnancy is the lack of a period at the usual time. You can also speak with a doctor or midwife to establish why you are having these symptoms when you are not pregnant.

Whats going on Pregnancy symptoms and now achy uterus and slow to medium flow red blood?

You should go to the doctor immediately. Could be having a miscarriage. Or, pregnancy symptoms are very similar to period symptoms. Did you start your period?

When pregnancy symptoms disappear at 3 weeks does that mean you are having a miscarriage?

no , but the spern is surrounding your body after 40 days you will fell it well

Could you be pregnant again if you had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago but you have been going to the bathroom every hour and have had slight cramps and headaches are very tired with some mood swings?

I had a miscarriage and 5 weeks later gotpregnant and have all the symptoms you are talking about and my doctor says all the symptoms are very normal even the cramps so yes you could be pregnant Have you had your first period since your miscarriage yet? I had a miscarriage and my doctor said I would continue having pregnancy symptoms (even though you've already miscarried) until you have your next cycle.

Does your pregnancy symptom immediately stop after having a miscarriage?

No, but, it would be called an "Ectopic pregnancy". It is usually diagnosed within the first 2 months of pregnancy, possibly before you know you are pregnant. The symptoms may be mild or they may be severe and dangerous. They can be the same as the symptoms of early pregnancy or other less serious conditions. Possible symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are: 1. missed period or abnormal bleeding 2. pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis 3. symptoms of pregnancy such as breast tenderness or morning sickness.

Could you be pregnant while on birth control and having normal periods but also having pregnancy symptoms?

Very unlikely