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A lien is not designed to help a homeowner. It is a contractors way of laying claim to some of the value in your home so that you can not sell it or refinance with out paying off the lien. In addition to the original dept you will be required to pay a lien filing fee (about $100) to clear this.

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Can a tenant put a lien on a house he's renting for work he has done without the permission of the owner?

No, there is no contract in place for the work to be done. In order to place a lien, there has to be an agreement of some type to work it out.

What work can be done to a house if a mechanics lien is filed on the house?

Work may continue with no interference. However, you will be unable to sell the home without that lien being paid in full.

The debtor is not the owner of the house can you put a lien on the house you did work?

Yes, you may have a lien against the house where you agreed to do work, did work or delivered materials , notified the other party that you had completed your part, and were not paid for it, regardless of whose house it is. In most places it's called a "mechanic's lien" or "construction lien", and can be easily recorded through the locally specified bureau, but must usually be done ("perfected") within a limited time after being denied payment. Each state law has its own variations of forms, limits, and so forth. You then sue to collect on the lien within a prescribed period.

What happens if a private investor places a lien on your home?

To get a lien he would have had to show a judge the he had a right to do so. You would have to owe him for goods or services. It would have to of been concerning the house. You borrowed money on it, had work done to it and did not pay as promised. If a judge agreed, you have a lien on it. I believe the lien is on the house not you. If you sell it, the lien stays with the house. It would most likely have to be paid before ownership was transferred. If the new owner did not research the deed, it would become his responsibility if he accepted ownership as is.

Can a roofer put a lien on my home with no written notice?

Yes! If you contracted to have work done on your house/home, and it was completed to your satisfaction, then the roofer can attach what is called a mechanic's lien to your house. I believe that you had to have had a period of time to pay. If you did not pay as promised for the work done, the the roofer does not have to serve notice. You are deemed to have known this to be an action that the roofer could take when you eneterd into the contractual agreement to have your roof done. Ignorance of the law is not deemed an appropriate defence of the same.

What is a Lien on a house?

A lien is a debt guaranteed by the property. Usually this is a mortgage from a bank. It could be someone that did work on the house and was not paid. It could also be a tax assessment.

Can a contractor in Texas force a homeowner to sell house if they refuse to pay for work and a lien has been filed?

They usually can't force the homeowner to sell the house. The lien will prevent the house from being sold. The matter will have to be settled and the lien released before the house can be sold.

Can you put a lien on a vehicle for work rendered?

Yes. It's called a Garage Man's lien. You may need to apply for it but it can be done.

Does a mechanics lien have to be filed in the county where the work is done our company is in a different county?

Yes, for the most part a mechanics lien must be filed in the county where the work is done. There are some areas which have different regulations, which you can inquire about by contacting county officials.Ê

Can a lien be placed on your house for work done prior to you buying it?

Yes. However, the title company should have caught the issue and have had the sellers pay for it. You definitely should fight this one.

How do you file a mechanics lien if no verbal or work order signed?

You would need to show why the work was done without a work order.

What kind of lien can be placed on car that is paid off?

If you get body or mechanical work done on the vehicle and do not pay the shop can put a lien on the vehicle until the balance is paid. If it gets to that point it is often with interest and court costs as well. Think of it to be the same as a roofer putting a lien on your house if his bill is not paid in full.

Can a lien be placed on a business if they fail to pay for work done?

If work is done to the property such as remodeling, repairs and a company does not pay, the person(s) owed can file a Mechanic's Lien without the necessity of the usual court procedure against said company.

Can a electrical contractor put a lien on your house?

Yes. If the contractor has performed work on the house, and has not been paid, he may file a lien. Even if you truly don't owe the contractor any money, he may still file a lien; eventually, he will have to prove its validity in court or the lien is released automatically.

In my community a house was in foreclosure no one maintained the lawn after writing many letters to the association nothing was done you have since cut the yard several times can you put a lien on?

No, it was work you chose to do.

Can the lien against my property be released when the the original owner apparently with a tax debt died.?

Assuming you are talking about an IRS lien, then yes. If you were not liable for the taxes, then the lien should not be on your property. The first thing to determine is whether or not the lien actually attached to your property. If the previous owner of the house owned the house at the time the lien was filed, then the lien probably legally attached to the house. If this is the case, this is something you should take up with the title company that did the title work when you purchased the house. More common is that the IRS filed a lien and the address they had on record was still his old house (your house). Just because the lien had that address on it doesn't mean you have a lien on your house. If the property wasn't his, then it did not legally attach. If a title company still has issues with this (if you are trying to sell your house), you may need to get a Certificate of Non-Attachment from the IRS to show them that it's not attached.

How do you file a lien against an automobile left on your property that you had put work into without getting paid?

Talk to someone at your local court house about a mechanics lien

Can a mechanic hold my car if its paid in full?

If you haven't paid for the work done to it, they can place a mechanic's lien on it.

Can someone put a lien on your house with out a judgment against you?

Sometimes, but the circumstances are limited by statutes. Somebody who performs work on your house can put a mechanic's lien on it. And, of course, the IRS, state and local governments can put liens on it. A homeowner's association can usually put a lien on it for delinquent dues.

How does a FIFA lien work?

A fifa lien is the name of a court document that instructs a sheriff to seize and sell a defendant's property in order to satisfy a lien. The term 'fifa' comes from the Latin 'fieri facias' meaning 'that you cause to be done'.

A contractor has put a mechanics lien on your house the work is unfinished and there is no signed contract what are your options?

First, if the contractor is licensed, he can file a lien against your house under the doctrine of quantum meruit (Google it for more info). Although the work is unfinished, the contractor is nevertheless entitled to be compensated for the work he has done. However, you must now find a contractor to finish the job. You will then be entitled to the cost of finding the new contractor (if this has caused you money damages). Remember that (in WA) a lien will expire in 8 mos.--the contractor must sue you during this period or the lien expires. I suggest you simply find another contractor--if the original one sues over the lien, you should then counterclaim. In such a case, talk to a construction law attorney.

Is it legal to have two liens on a car?

Sure; you could have a lien to pay back the loan used to purchase the car, another lien for unpaid taxes, another lien for work done on the car by a mechanic, a lien from a court judgment for damages in a civil case, and so forth.

How do you put a lien on someones house?

Sue the owner, win, and file the judgment with the recorder of deeds, or secure the owner's notarized agreement (for example a mortgage) granting you a lien and file it with the recorder of deeds or perform work on the house and file a mechanic's lien against it or be a governmental entity and file a tax lien, or be a lawyer and handle litigation to help the owner secure or clear title. If you wrongfully file a lien against someone's house, you can get in a great deal of trouble and may be prosecuted criminally and/or sued for slander to title. So, filing liens against someone's home is not something you should do without legal advice.

When can a construction company place a lien against your property if you had a roof replaced and the work was shoddy and you tried to talk to the owner but he claimed the work was done right?

60 days after completion of the work - but, remember his job is done and it is now up to you to prove the quality was done poorly.

How can you prevent a contractor from putting a lien on your house?

Get signed lien releases for every dime you write to him. Progress lien waivers are for work paid for, but not fully paid for...and final lien releases are for work that is complete. Make sure you get proper forms for a legal forms store or consult a real estate agent, title company, or attorney for the proper language to protect yourself in that state.