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No. Videos on YouTube remain the property of the uploader.

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Why are music videos blocked on youtube?

They have copyright protection.

How do you know if music on youtube is copyright?

Because copyright protection is automatic, virtually anything you encounter online is protected.

Are the songs on youtube copyright?

Anything that is written or recorded is automatically protected by copyright. Neither registration nor notification is not required for protection.

Who decides what content will appear on YouTube?

YouTube and copyright owners decide what content appears on YouTube. YouTube decides based on the community guidelines while copyright owners decide based on copyright laws.

What are the YouTube copyright laws?

YouTube has an excellent discussion of copyright on their website; see the link below.

Why is youtube so good?

Youtube has many instructional videos and entertainment videos.

What movies on YouTube are copyright-free?

Because copyright protection is automatic, virtually everything you encounter online will be protected. The exceptions would be works created by the federal government, and works donated to the public domain by their creators. On YouTube, it is safe to assume that everything is protected by copyright unless explicitly stated otherwise.

How Can You Copyright Your Own YouTube Videos?

Put in the description this is copyright. If there are any copies of it, go to the video and tag it as 'this is my copyright'. Youtube will delete the video as soon as possible.

Where can you buy a cheerleading instructional DVD?

I've seen some for sale on amazon. you can also watch instructional videos on youtube!

What do I do when someone has violated copyright laws on YouTube?

If you are the copyright holder, simply fill out the complaint form (link below) and YouTube will work with you to address the issue. If you aren't, you may wish to alert the copyright holder.

Do copyright strikes stay on your YouTube account forever?

According to YouTube policies, "A copyright strike may expire in 6 months, subject to certain conditions, as long as no additional copyright notifications are received during that time."

How do you drive a standard?

You press the clutch, and shift gears. There are great instructional videos on youtube.

Is downloading off YouTube illegal?

According to the rules for Youtube you are not supposed to post copyright material on the site. So theorietically there should be no problem with downloading from youtube; however sometimes people do illegally post copyright material. Therefore you need to be careful in downloading from Youtube.

Is it legal to put audiobooks up on youtube?

You can only upload what you own the copyright for. Audiobooks' copyright are owned by the publishers.

Why are audio books taken off YouTube?

copyright issues

Why are my youtube videos blocked worldwide?

Because they were an infringement of copyright.

Is it bad if one of my youtube videos were deleted from a WMG copyright claim like does the band know or what?

yes its bad if one of your youtube videos are deleted because they have been claimed copyright.

Is it copyriting if you use itunes music on YouTube?

Adding music to YouTube without the permission of the copyright holder is illegal. YouTube will notify you when you upload to YouTube if you are violating someone's copyright so you can remove the file. The offending file will be deleted as will the YouTube account of someone who repeatedly ignores copyrights. (See links below)

How do you unlock the web protection?

Youtube it?

Can you publish music on YouTube without violating copyright laws?

copyright of music belongs to the sound recording company, composer and lyrics writer if the music is quite old (mozart etc) you can publish it, otherwise it is a copyright infringement to publish music on youtube without the owners permission The best way to avoid copyright infringement on YouTube is to post only content that is entirely your original work.

Are YouTube clips copyright protected?

Yes, YouTube videos are copyrighted. When a person uploads a video to YouTube, that person "license(s) all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to such Content for publication on the Service pursuant to the Terms of Service." In essence, Youtube becomes the copyright owner of the video. The vidoes on YouTube can still be used in some commercial situations through the doctrine of "Fair Use."

Can you put copyright materials on facebook or youtube?

Yes; but the vast majority of uses would require licenses from the copyright holders.

Why cant you watch transformers revenge of the fallen movie on you tube?

The movie probably has copyright in it. Youtube doesn't allow copyright.

Will itunes music be copyrited on YouTube?

If a song is on iTunes, chances are that there is somebody who holds the copyright rights to the song. If a song is copyrighted by someone somewhere other than YouTube, then the copyright will still apply when the content becomes available and able to be viewed on YouTube.

Can YouTube be used as a way to copyright your own material seeing as it has the date of when your video or audio was uploaded?

This is a variation of the "poor man's copyright" method of sending yourself a copy in the mail and leaving it unopened to prove a date of creation.Uploading to YouTube or any other file storage service may add some additional corroboration but has no "official" status in a court of law. Under US law the only way to legally register a copyright is with the US Copyright office.There is no requirement to register a copyright or to display a copyright notice for a work to be protected. Copyright protection is automatic, as soon as a work of sufficient originality is "fixed in a tangible medium, perceptible to human eye, machine reader or other device".

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