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The person would be considered a minor and the laws of the state where the teen lived would be applicable. If for example the teen were stopped by authorities in another state he/she might be taken into custody and remanded to a juvenile facility until his/her status could be determined. Generally the teen would be remanded to the custody of the parents unless a violation of the law resulted in a felony charge.

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When don't the police need a search warrant to seize evidence?

Most people believe that the police need a warrant to collect anything anywhere. But as long as the police officer has proable cause or a suspect gives consent to get a possible piece of evidence; they can collect anything. Another case is when there is an obvious, severe action being done. Otherwise, the police must always get a warrant from a judge to search or collect anything.

Can wife do anything if the kids visit their father in another state and the husband refuses to send the kids back to her?

yes. call the police

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Can anything happen to a police officer if there child breaks the law?

No, not anything more than would happen to the non-police parent of a delinquent.

What does cell co do with the police?

It doesn't do anything..

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Quickly take your dog to the veterinarian! The police won't do anything as this happens daily around the globe. Always go to your vet if you need help with animal or pet problems.

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What is another name for police?


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Can police search a locked car?

with a warrant they can check anything.

What is judicial custody and police custody?

Judicial custody is when you are held by order of a judge and are not necessarily charged with anything.Police custody is when you are charged with something and are in the custody of the police.

What is police code 555?

Police codes vary from one police department to another, so what 555 means in one area would not necessarily be the same as another area. Some police departments may not use 555 as one of their codes.

Can police charge someone for verbal abuse?

* No, the police cannot charge anyone with verbal abuse unless a serious threat can be proven. Physical abuse leaves marks and thus the police can charge the batterer.

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keep calling the police. If they still don't do anything, get your neighborhood together then you all go to the police station and yell at them!yeah, that's another problem...its not a very good neighbourhood. some people down the street went through like 3 dogs in less then a year from abuse.

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Call the police. If your bottle and drugs are found else where (being sold) and no police report this leaves you exposed to a world of felney charges.

Can anyone charge a police officer with speeding?

Yes. Another police officer can charge them for speeding.