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Yes ... the court papers usually only specify the age, not whether they are in school or not. If one is behind in their support payments, they will continue to pay until completely caught up, even if the child has attained age 18 or beyond.


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Yes, if the child is still an unemancipated minor.

Yes, a child dropping out of school has no bearing on child support. Depending on what your divorce decree says regarding child support, it normally terminates when the child turns 18.Ê

This change would not, in itself, relieve the obligor of her/his support obligations.

As long as the child is a minor, yes. They still need a roof over their head and food etc.

Most child support documents require you to pay until 18, or finish school. Check with your child support office or your attorney.

Yes, until she reaches 18; she is still considered a minor even though she is pregnant and not attending school.

Child support always continues until at least the age of majority. If the child is 18 and is not making satisfactory progress towards graduation, child support ends.

Check with a lawyer; if the child is over 18 and is no longer attending, then certainly you have a case.

If a 17 year old quits school, you as a parent or guardian will still have to pay for support because the 17 year old is still not of legal adult age which is 18.

Generally, the obligation ends when the child reaches 18 years of age or the child graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. A child will also automatically be ineligible for child support if that child is removed from disability status by a court order. see link

It depends on the state. In most states, child support is required to continue until the child turns 18, regardless of whether or not they drop out of high school. However, some states allow child support to end early if the child drops out or is not making satisfactory progress towards graduation.

I'm not familiar with Missouri law, but I'm certain that the child support obligation would continue in such a case.

Yes my sister was a senior 19 and she was getting child support

Child support continues as long as the child is still a dependent; this includes school and university, regardless of age.

Yes. Child support in most states makes you obligated to pay until your child is 18, or graduates from high school. If your child is under 18 and in trade school, you still have to pay.

Yes you do, and you will have to continue child support if the child goes to college as a full-time student.

I do believe that in most states the support payments continue as long as the child is in school including college.

do u have to pay child support when the child is still in school at the age of 18

I think u still have to pay since it is still your child

You have to pay until they are 18 years old or whatever your child support papers say. Dropping out of school or them becoming pregnant has nothing to do with it. Child support is to help support the child not keep them from dropping out of school or becoming pregnant.

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