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If a 1989 Olds Cutlass with a new battery starter and fuel pump tries to turn over but will not could it be the alternator?


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2015-07-15 19:33:51
2015-07-15 19:33:51

Not likely. Make sure the fuel filter isn't clogged, check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail, make sure you have spark. If everything looks ok but it turns over slow and runs rough (when it does run), I'd look at the timing chain having jumped a notch.

I had this same problem. I turned out to be the fuel pump. Take a common hose and put it down into the gas tank. Put your ear to the other end and have someone turn on the key. if you hear a sound, the pump is working. if not, check the fuel pump relay, found just above the battery. if that is ok, you need to change the fuel pump.


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could be the alternator. could be the battery, the alternator charges the battery but does not stop the battery holding a charge.could also be a bad starter motor. take alternator off and have it tested. most places will test for free

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This could be the voltage regulator. Both the positive from the battery and the starter would be connected to it.

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If the starter is "clicking" then check the battery to make sure that is has enough juice to turn the starter. If the battery is good. It could be your starter solenoid is bad. Most of these are built into the starter nowadays. You will have to have the starter changed. I am betting on the battery especially if it is older. Another culprit could be your alternator failing to charge your battery.

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Check a for a blown/burned out fuseable link between starter and alternator

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AnswerIf the battery's dead it could be the alternator or a bad battery. If not, the starter. Try jumping it. If it starts the starter's OK. Then investigate the alternator and battery.Does it turn over but not start..?? There is a difference. Doesn't turn over would most likely be the battery, which is typically followed by a clicking noise. That would be the starter solenoid trying to engage but the battery doesn't have enough power to do so.If jumping it starts it right up, let it run for 10 or 15 minutes then (while running) check the voltage at the battery terminals. If it's above 14 volts, the alternator is doing it's job and the battery is dead. If the voltage is less than 14, then the alternator needs to be replaced.

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