If a 2005 kia optima shut off whilst driving but the lights and radio were still on and you pulled it over and tried starting it again and it wouldn't what might be wrong?

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Why would your car shut off while you were driving and it will not start or turn over?

I had a dodge omni that did that exact thing and it turned out to be a $15.00 part that was located under the distributor. I forgot the name of the part though. . Answer this same problem happened to me..i have yet to solve it tho. it was running, then it started running rough so i pulled over to ( Full Answer )

Why might parking lights not shut off?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Hey Lain==They are on the headlight switch so the headlight fuse should turn them off. The problem is probably in the switch itself. GoodluckJoe.

If a 1998 Kia Sportage will not start but the lights and radio work what could be wrong?

starter relay check that... If you can jump the starter motor directly and get the engine to fire up this tells us the starter and battery and engine management systems are intact. This leaves us with a possible bad ignition switch, or the mechanical key tumbler is NOT allowing ignition switch to ( Full Answer )

Why would your car shut off while driving then start after it cools off only to shut right back off again you have a 91 buick riviera?

One of two things. 1. Crank shaft position sensor. 2. Fuel pump and /or sending unit (both inside the tank). ther are more than that iam afraid ,i had the same problem ,and still do acually .i changed the fuel pump,crankshaft sensor and harmonic balancer.and it still did it. first of have the fuel ( Full Answer )

Your glow plug light flashes occasionally whilst driving and you lose all power you switch off ignition and it starts okay What is wrong?

Answer . If you are not getting fuel that light will flash. It's probably overheating without the fuel to cool it. When you start out, after the car sits, all the crap in the tank will settle back out of the filter. Then, when you start the car and drive, the filter will slowly get clogged, again ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if your 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse started with some hesitation but the radio wouldn't come on you shut the car off and turned it back on and then the radio worked?

You might have a bad battery. Check if your battery is not leaking acid and also take a volt meter and check if the battery is reading around 12v if around 12V it should be ok, if if reading below 11V then you have a bad battery. If you don't know how to use a volt meter take your battery to a auto ( Full Answer )

What would cause a car to shut off while driving including electrical after flashing a momentary oil and engine light and then start up again immediately with no problem?

i had a problem may be similar to that, the problem turn out to be that i had a loose ground connection at the battery, i had 2 thick wires and a skinny wire between them, so the skinny wire was not as thight as the other 2 fat ones. and with the vibration from the vehicle it used to separate for a ( Full Answer )

What is wrong when a 1992 Town Car dies while your driving down the road and you have to pull over and wait 5 - 8 minutes before it will start again then it may not do that again for 2 or 3 weeks?

Answer . There is a pinpoint test procedure to determine where the problem is. Personally, going by your description of the symptoms, I feel the problem is very likely the TFI module. They typically go bad when they get hot and will start working again when they cool off.\n. \nI would include t ( Full Answer )

What causes the radio to stay on for approximately five seconds after turning the engine off on a 2003 Kia Optima when the car was purchased new and it just started happening?

Answer . \nwhoa. trippy..call a dealership and speak with a shop foreman for free, and if he/she is difficult, call 4-5 dealerships and pick all their brains, maybe some kind of technical bulletin amongst the Kia crowd...\n. \notherwise, as long as it doesn't drain the battery overnight, let sl ( Full Answer )

Check engine light on in 2005 Kia Optima?

Answer . I just had this problem and took it to my local kia dealer. They found that the fuel filter needed changed. Perhaps this is the problem with yours but before you pay more money than you need to I'd advise you change it yourself and save 100 or so dollars it's simple to do. If your kia is ( Full Answer )

1993 Chevy Cavalier run fine then when turned off when you tried to leave again it wouldn't start Next day it started got it home Drove fine then when parked and turned off it wouldn't start again The?

Answer . \nmake sure the car isn't over heating. it can over heat without showing on the gauge or light. check your coolent fluid level, if it's ok make sure the thermostat is ok. have your heat sending unit replaced as it can be faulty also. another problem can be the computer putting it out of ( Full Answer )

2005 Kia Optima - stalling at stop signs - running rough - check engine light - what's wrong?

Check the gas cap. I know this sounds too simple to be true, but unless you tightented it right the last time you were at the pump this could be it. My 2002 optima just had these exact same symptoms. We thought there was water in the tank and when we went to add dry gas we saw the warning on the cap ( Full Answer )

97 ford f 150 the other day wouldn't start changed the starter relay up by the battery then it fired right up drove it around then shut it off again wouldn't start changed the starter relay again woul?

I had the same problem on my 99 and a buddy on his 97.The positive wire harness(the one that hooks to the battery,starter,starter relay,etc) Has a break in it some where.Ours was broke or nearly broke on the starter solenoid.The crimped lug was broken.Sometimes it would start and other times it woul ( Full Answer )

Why does a car lose power and shuts off has no warning lights showing this has also happened when driving but it will start again?

Check the battery connectios as well as the ground on the coil. Sounds like you are losing you ground due to a bad battery cable or corroded connection at the battery.. Check the battery connections as well as the ground on the coil. Sounds like you are losing your ground due to a bad battery cable ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the dash to get to the radio from a 2005 Kia Optima?

To remove the dash to get to the radio from a 2005 Kia Optima,begin by prying around the edge of the trim around the gearshifter. Then, remove the screws from the bottom of the dash andpry the trim away from the radio area. This will expose the radiobezel.

2000 Mitsubishi galant ran hot and now won't start I was driving down the interstate and the car wouldn't pick up speed.. It slowed down and the engine shut off. What's wrong?

I would suspect you have blown a head gasket. Check for coolant in the oil. A compression test will verify if you indeed have a blown gasket.. ANOTHER ANSWER. When an engine overheats you run the risk of causing serious damage. You'll need to run a compression test to find out if the head gasket ha ( Full Answer )

How do you start a 2004 Yamaha warrior when the neutral light does not shine and the starter does not turn or make any noise After i shut it off and tried to start again the light wouldn't light up?

If you have a dead battery and stator, it won't run, but if your stator is still good, you can run it with out the battery. There are really two ways to start it, you can put it in second and literaly throw it (pick up the back about chest high and throw as hard as you can) or put it in Third, pus ( Full Answer )

I was trying to jump start another vehicle when I shut off my vehicle. There was no electrical power to my vehicle when I tried to start it again. What could be the cause?

A quickie guess would be a loose battery terminal on your car. There may be some other reasons for your vehicles "deadness" when you went to start again, but if you connected your jumper cables correctly, the first place most folks would look would be your battery terminals. Is one loose or dirty/co ( Full Answer )

Shut off air bag light on a 2002 optima?

Probably a sensor or a chip. Have the dealer find out if there is actually a problem with the airbag. If not, either have the sensor fixed, or use my method--black duct tape over the light. Tacky, but works with a budget.

1996 eighty-eight lss olds not getting fuel. Low fuel light came on 2 miles from home. Shut if off went to start it to get gas and wouldn't start. Put 3 gallon in and still isn't getting fuel.?

Could be a fuel pump. The fuel pump on the 88 is baffled, which means you need to keep that tank above a 4th as much as possible, because the fuel pump is actively cooled by the surrounding fuel at this level..... below this, and you heat your fuel pump up, ending in lessening the life of it.

The check engine light came on 2 days agoi turned it off yesterday and tried to start it back it started and shut right of like its getting no fire but turns over fine?

With computerized systems, in normal circumstances, the computer uses more than one input to control the ignition. These include a camshaft position sensor, and a crankshaft sensor. They are both needed, as one is used to determine the speed of the crankshaft, while the other is used to determine th ( Full Answer )

2005 Kia Optima third brake light bulb replacement procedure?

I am not sure what question you are asking, but if you are asking why you are always having to change the brake light on your Kia Optima... I own a 2007 Kia Optima, and before that I owned a 2005 Kia Rio. In the YEAR that I owned the Rio, I changed the brake light four times. Since I have owned the ( Full Answer )

My dashboard lights go on and off whilst driving my vectra?

Lights which "Go off and on" while in use Usually, this indicates a "loose connection" somewhere within that circuit. That could include a connector plug which has worked loose, or in which the metal contacts are making intermittent contact. Or it could be a wire, or an "etch" conductor on ( Full Answer )

You were driving and your car tried to die like you were running out of gas you pulled over and went to start it again and it would turn over but not start just keeps cranking?

Was there gas in the gas tank? How old is your car? Sometimes your fuel filter gets clogged up. Sometimes your carburetor gets clogged up. Sometimes your fuel injectors get clogged up. With alcohol in the gasoline, you seldom have water in your gas tank because the alcohol mixes it with the gasoline ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off the door ajar light on a Kia Optima?

Shut the door ....ok...maybe you tried that already. 1. Locate the switch (i.e. dash edge, door jam). (sometimes the plunger rod (the stick) breaks off. When the door closes it can not activate the switch.) For it to work properly, you have to replace the switch. It is designed as a safety featu ( Full Answer )

Why does your 1998 silverado start shifting hard after long periods of driving at speed over 45 until you shut off and start back up again?

Sounds like a bad solenoid. But if it shifts hard from first to second then from second to third but fine when from third to over drive forth but then shifts a little hard when down shifting through the gears if that is the case might need to change transmission filter and fluid sometimes overfillin ( Full Answer )