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If you check the blue book you will find that it was manufactured between 1926 and 1935. The Savage Arms website will tell you how to contact an independent Stevens historian who MAY be able to narrow that date range for a fee.

2006-08-31 05:01:51
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When was the Stevens model 580 410 bolt action shotgun manufactured?


When was the Stevens model 9478 12 gauge shotgun manufactured?

Whats it worth?

When was a Stevens 335 shotgun made?

The Stevens 335 was manufactured from about 1910-1940. There are very few documented Wells Fargo guns and those that have documentation are not conspicously marked with the company name. These were added by an unscrupulous antique dealer wishing to sell a $200 shotgun for $1000.

When was the Stevens Model 94 Series P 20 ga shotgun manufactured?


Who manufactured the sears robuck model 20 12 gauge shotgun?

Savage Arms and J Stevens made the J. C. Higgins sears robuck and company shotgun. If you look on on the right side of it should say Stevens model (whatever model # it has here) like mine says (Stevens model 311A)

How old is trade mark by j Stevens company?

how old is trade mark stevens shotgun

What is the age of a twenty gauge Springfield single barrel shotgun manufactured by J Stevens Arms Company in Chicopee Falls Mass?

Sometime between 1920 and 1948.

Who made the volunteer shotgun?

J. Stevens Arms Company

Who is maker of westernfield 12 ga M55OABD shotgun?

This Shotgun was manufactured by the Mossberg Company.

What is the information on a Ranger double barrel shotgun?

Sold by Sears Roebuck. Probably manufactured by Stevens.

What year was the Stevens Browning model 620 16 gauge shotgun manufactured?


What year was the Stevens model 9478 410 shotgun manufactured?

Type your answer here... 1978-1985

When was a J Stevens double barrel 12 gauge shotgun Model 5100 made?

Stevens 5100 was manufactured from 1931 until 1941

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge J Stevens Arms Company Model G20-A shotgun in excellent condition?

Stevens guns were marked J. Stevens Arms Co from 1920 to 1942. Utility grade slide action shotgun, blued finish and walnut stocks. NRA Poor = $50, Excellent = $150. Manufactured 1926 to 1945.

Where is the serial number on a 20 gauge Stevens shotgun?

If it was manufactured before 1968 it probably doesn't have one.

When was the Stevens model 9478 410 shotgun manufactured?

This was my first shotgun, it was purchased for me by my Grandfather in 1980 brand new. This was my first shotgun, it was purchased for me by my Grandfather in 1980 brand new.

How do you determine if a shotgun is a JCHiggins or Stevens?

JC Higgins was a Sears brand for guns sold by them, made by others, including Stevens. Your shotgun could be either or both- depends on what is marked on the gun.

How do you determine year of a Stevens model 311A 16 gauge double-barrel shotgun?

The Stevens model 311 was discontinued in the year 1989.You would have to contact Savage/Stevens to get the actual age of your double barrel shotgun.

What company manufactured the Blue Field Clipper 16 gauge shotgun?

Manufactured by Davenport.

What company made the Long Tom shotgun?

J. Stevens for Sears Roebuck.

What company made a new port side by side 410 shotgun?


When was the 20 gauge Stevens Model 940 shotgun manufactured?

Blue Book of Gun Values might help

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Ranger double barrel shotgun serial c1186?

If it is side-by-side, probably Stevens.

Who manufactured the Texas ranger 12 gauge single shot shotgun sold by Montgomery wards?

J. Stevens.

What was the last date the model 95 Stevens single shot shotgun was manufactured?

AFAIK, that piece of data is not published.