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I doubt if that sort of spitefulness would stand up in court especially if she is a citizen

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You are pregnant with your boyfriends baby who is illegally here from Mexico we want to get married since he is the father what do we do?

The baby will automatically be granted citizenship since born in the United States. If you marry your boyfriend he will too but he doesn't really have an affect on the outcome of the baby's citizenship.

Suppose that you toss a coin and roll and die What is the probability of obtaining tails?

The probability to tossing a coin and obtaining tails is 0.5. Rolling a die has nothing to do with this outcome - it is unrelated.

Why do adults vote for president?

They vote because they have an interest in the outcome of the election and because they believe that voting is a duty of citizenship.

If a US citizen is married to an illegal immigrant and they have two US born children can she obtain legal status or is she subject to deportation and would the children affect the decision?

If your already married she's already legal! * An immigrant legal or illegal does not become a US citizen by marrying a US citizen. The female immigrant who is in the US illegal can still be deported under US immigration laws. The issue of her being married to a citizen and having children may or may not be to her advantage. If she is taken into custody she will be given the chance to appeal any deportation issues, but there can be no guarantee of the outcome. The best option is for her to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable in immigration law before taking any other action.

Can living with your boyfriend when your are still married with a child effect the final custody outcome?


Joan and Tom are getting married They are sixteen and seventeen years old Joan is seven months pregnant According to statistics what is the probable outcome of their marriage?

They will eventually be married to someone else.

What was an important political outcome of World War 1?

In England it led to married women over 30 getting the vote.

Can we prevent corruption?

People can prevent personal corruption by obtaining good morals and positive character traits. People can educate or influence other people in the path of positive behaviors but the outcome of choice depends on the individual.

Do you have to admit to being arrested on a job application?

The best policy is to answer truthfully; note the cause and outcome of the arrest - conviction may pose issues for your success in obtaining some jobs. If you lie and are found out, you will be fired for lying on an application.

What is the chance of the children of a male with hitchhiker's thumbs inheriting this characteristic if he married a female with normal thumbs?

The outcome depends on the dominate and recessive traits.

What is the outcome of HIV?

The outcome is AIDS.

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for February 7 2014?

Logical outcomeLogical outcomeLogical outcomeLogical outcome

What effect did the media have on the outcome of the vietnam war?

huge effect, was first televised war . additionally walter cronkites report from there all but ended any US citizen support the continuation of the conflict.

How is an outcome different than a favorable outcome?

When the outcome consists of an event that is not the one you are looking for.

What was the outcome of this war?

what was the outcome of the taranaki war

What was Mohandas Gandhi's outcome?

what was gandhis outcome

A sentence with outcome in it?

make a sentence with outcome.

What do you call to guess the outcome?

to guess the outcome

What part of speech is outcome?

Outcome is a noun.

War between british and the colonist outcome?

The outcome was that the colinist won. The outcome was that the colinist won.

What is the difference between a favourable outcome and a possible outcome?

Given a specific event, a favourable outcome is when that event occurs. A possible outcome is an event that can occur.

What is a specific outcome or type of outcome?

A specific outcome is the result of a particular action or event. The outcome of an action would vary greatly depending on the specific action.

When does ex wife collect on pension?

When the husband either dies, payment in alimony or has been married for him for at least 10 years, anything that might be an outcome of a divorce.

Is outcome an adjective or verb?

Neither. Outcome is a noun.

Is outcome a verb?

No, it is not a verb. Outcome is a noun (a result).

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