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No, but at 5-6 weeks you can hear it with an early ultra-sound. :)

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Am in a relationship everything was going on well but suddenly you started having problems to the extent he starts beating you what should you do?

If he is abusive call the police and leave!

What impact does teenage pregnancy have on your health?

the impact of teenage pregnancy is that your body starts having allsorts of problems in the future.. i had my child at 15 and now 15 yrs later my bodys insides are knackered.

What does it mean when a boy you don't like looks into your eyes and your hart starts beating really fast?

your heart starts beating fast? connection....could be connection.... give him a chance....

When does Islam believe life begins?

after 6 months. when the heart starts beating Point of Consideration: Medical Science has fully confirmed that the embryo's heart begins to beat on DAY 22 of development.

When will a fetus get its soul?

I reckon around the time its heart starts beating.

How old are you when your pulse starts beating?

A baby has a heartbeat at 18 days.

How can you use the wordbrassin a sentence?

The statue was made of brass. Your heart starts beating like a big brass band. The statue was made of brass. Your heart starts beating like a big brass band.

When does pregnancy symptoms starts?

Often as wary as 2weeks

What week in pregnancy starts the 9th month?


What is something that is about pregnancy that starts with E?


Brain growth spurt?

Brain Growth spurts as they say is the development of the human brain which starts to peak on the third trimester of pregnancy and after the baby was born until it reaches its adult brain size.

When can a heartbeat be detected?

the fetus' heart starts beating at either 26 or 27 days.

Which hormone is secreted by the placenta during pregnancy?

During pregnancy two harmones are secreted by placent.once placenta established it starts secreting progestrone harmone which maitains the pregnancy.Another haromne placental lectogen harmone is secreted which combined with LTH stimulates mammary development in prepration for lactation.

Is it possible to get pegnant without conception?

No. Conception is when a pregnancy starts.

Do implantion bleeding come in week 3 of pregnancy?

Yes, 3 weeks into pregnancy is when implantation usually starts

When does your third trimester start during pregnancy?

The third trimester starts at week 28, or 7 months into the pregnancy.

How far along in the pregnancy can the baby hear you or your surroundings?

It starts at 18 weeks into the pregnancy, or 16 weeks after conception.

Why your heart is beating so fast after you drink a glass of wine?

Because the alcohol jump starts it.

What happens to blood pressure when the heart starts beating faster?

The blood pressure rises up

What is the term when the baby is still on the fallopian tube during pregnancy?

If a pregnancy starts to develop in the fallopian tube, it is known as an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic means out of place.

How far along fo you have to be in pregnancy to feel the babies heartbeat?

8 weeks answer- you never feel the baby's heart beat. now the babys heart starts beating 22 days after fertilized. It has to be anywhere from 6-8 weeks before you can hear it on a monitor.

What week in pregnancy starts your second trimester?

It begins when your baby is twelve weeks old, which means you will be in your 13th week of pregnancy.

When in pregnancy do your stomach get big?

It usually starts to show in the second trimester.

What time bleeding starts in pregnancy?

It shouldn't, if it does, go see your doctor.

What starts to develop in the baby the third trimester of pregnancy?

the vocal chords

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