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This is a rerun. IF someone is making paymnst, there is a security interest somewhere. Dont be fooled by the title and the leinholder part. They have a perfected lien on it. Good try, no candy for you.

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Q: If a bank does not hold the title to a vehicle and no bank lien is shown on the title can the bank repossess the car if payments are behind?
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Can a bank repossess a vehicle that they are not on the title as a lien holder?

Yes, but I'm curious as to how they are not shown as the leinholder on that portion of the title. However, if you signed any type of debt instrument showing that vehicles description and VIN, then payments weren't made in accordance with the debt instrument they can, and will reposess said vehicle.

If you have the title to your vehicle can the bank still repossess it?

If there is money owed to the lender with the vehicle used as collateral, the lender will be shown as a lien holder on the title and can if the contract is defaulted recover the vehicle according to the laws of the state in which it is registered. yes

Can they repossess your car on your personal property in MO without showing any paperwork?

They've already shown the paperwork - to the police, prior to repossessing the vehicle. They're not obligated to show you paperwork - it's not your car. It belongs to the lien holder.

Are there specific laws that regulate respossession of a vehicle by a private party or family member?

States establish repossession laws and the procedure will differ depending upon the state in which the vehicle is located. The one factor that is common in all US states to repossess a vehicle is that the person seeking the recovery has a legal right to do so. For example, the party who is owed the debt is shown as a lien holder on the title of the vehicle.

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