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If a bank writes off a debt is it still legally collectible?

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If it is designated a charge off the debt is still valid and collectible by any means allowed under state law including a lawsuit against the debtor(s).

If the debt is designated as cancelled or forgiven the debt is not collectible. A cancelled debt is considered taxable income, the debtor will receive a 1099-C and the amount stated must be claimed on the person's IRS tax return.

If the creditor writes off interest on the original amount is this taxable?

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Can you give a car away if you still owe the bank and the bank has the title?

Not legally...

Can you cash in a Indian head nickel at the bank?

The coin is still legal tender, but If you mean get more than face value, no. Banks do not "cash in" collectible coins or paper money.

If a bank writes off your alleged credit card balance do you still owe it?

Yes, there write off or charge of, is only for their companies accounting and tax purposes.

Can a bank repo for not paying late charges?

If you are still making payments to the bank, then legally it is the property of that bank. If you fail to make the payments, the bank reserves the right to take back their property. Property can usually be returned to the purchaser if the the purchaser can make the payment in full, within a certain amount of time set by the bank.

What age are you legally allowed a bank account?

You may solely own a bank account whenever you turn 18 or are legally able to contract with the bank. Otherwise, your parent or guardian will have to be on the account with you and accept responsibility for the account.

Alliance and Leicester Bank is located in what city?

Alliance and Leicester Bank was a UK bank that was legally acquired by Santander in 2010. The branches now carry the name Santander but the international branch still uses the name Alliance and Leicester Bank. This international branch is located in Douglas, Isle of Man.

How much has to be owed for a bank to repossess a car?

it is up to the bank to decide. Legally, as little as 1 cent.

Can the bank legally sell a home in forclosure for more than What is its legally worth?

The bank can sell the property for any price they can get for it. No one is going to be willing to pay more than it is worth.

What age can you legally sign a personal check?

When you can legally get your own bank account. I had one at 15. And the checks were legal and binding.

What king of poetry did naomi shihab nye write?

She writes about family, the West Bank, and Jerusalm.

What happens when a car is to be repossessed and the bank doesn't repossess it?

Nothing. Just because a bank is legally entited to reposess a car doesn't mean they have to do so immediately. They can choose to wait and see, and reposess it later if you're still delinquent on the loan.

Can a bank legally freeze your assets when the bank is in an economical decline?

No. The bank is liable to pay back all our deposit money irrespective of its economic status

What bank purchased Bank of America?

No one. It is still Bank of America.

What is the term for taking away money from a bank account?

Debit, withdraw, deficit, charge, collectible, settle, etc., D

Your mother just died and has a mortgage on the house do you need to pay the mortgage when you sell the house?

Of course! The money is still owed to the bank and you cannot legally sell it without satisfying the mortgage.

Is wachovia bank still in business?

Yes, Wachovia Bank is still in business and has been since 2009.

Can a manager from a FSB bank close your account without notice due to an argument?

Not legally.

What is it called when you take money out of the bank?

legally it is called a "withdrawal" Illegally it is called "robbery"

Can they prosecute legally in India for a credit card debt from HSBC bank in India?


How do you write a letter to bank manager for reissue ATM card?

If someone writes a letter to have an ATM card reissued, it is important to put contact information in the letter to the bank manager. Information for the bank account should also be added.

What is half a Twenty Dollar note worth?

The joke answer is Ten Dollars. Value as a collectible is zero. If you have the other half, a bank will give you Twenty Dollars for it.

Does the somerset savings bank still exist or was it taken over by another bank?

Somerset Savings Bank is still exists. it was not taken over by another bank. Somerset Savings Banks are located in New Jersey.

What is the oldest Florida based bank still in operation and when did it start operating?

The Bank of Bonifay is the oldest bank that is still in operation in Florida. It was established in 1906 and is located in Bonifay, FL.

Write-off---What is the meaning of bank lone write off?

A bank loan write-off is when the customer doesn't pay the loan and the bank writes it off as a bad debt. In a write-off, the bank includes a bad debt as an uncollectible loss on its tax return.

If someone gives you a check that is typed out but signed by a person is this still a felony?

This is legal as long as the person cashing/depositing the check is the payee and it is signed by the owner of the bank account or an authorized signer on the account. It doesn't matter who writes out the check, it matters who signs it.

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