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No, Because a substance that is a base cannot be an acid at the same time

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Is pinesol an acid or a base?

It is a 2 on the acid-base scale, highly toxic to ingest - it will kill you.

Is methanol an acid base or salt?

Methanol is a toxic alcohol. It's a weak acid.

Why do we care if something is an acid or a base?

Strong acids and bases are corrosive and toxic.

Is uric acid soluble in water?

Uric Acid is not water soluble due to it's toxic and acidic base.

Is boric acid toxic?

boric acid can be toxic if you use it in the wrong ways

Is concentrated acid toxic?

Many are toxic.

Why must you never taste an unknown acid or base?

No just an acid or base; you should never taste any unknown substance. An acid or base can cause chemical burns on contact. Many substances can be toxic as well and can make you sick or even be lethal in small quantities.

Is it acid into base or base into acid?

acid into base

Is acid toxic or corrosive?

It all depends on the particular acid and its concentration. To give a few examples: hydrofluoric acid (HF) is both extremely toxic and extremely corrosive; hydrochloric acid is corrosive if the solution is not too dilute, but is generally not considered toxic (stomach acid is mainly HCl at about pH1); and acetic acid (vinegar) is neither particularly corrosive or toxic. Hydrocyanic acid (HCN) is extremely toxic but not corrosive.

Is battery acid toxic or hazardous?

You bet it is. It is highly corrosive and very toxic. Battery acid contains abut 30% Sulfuric Acid.

What hazard symbols are on concentrated acid?

i think the answer is toxic

How can an acid turn to base?

An acid can turn into a base if you mix a much stronger base with it! That way the base acid overpowers the acid and makes the acid a base!

Is battery acid toxic?

Battery acid is toxic and can cause problems that may not appear right away, when ingested.

What best describes a bronsted lowry acid base reaction?

Acid + base conjugate base + conjugate acid

Is there sulfuric acid in Gatorade?

No, sulfuric acid is toxic and caustic.

Is nitric acid a strong acid?

Yes. It is a strong ,highly corrosive and toxic acid.

Is a cucumber an acid or base?

it is an acid

Is Clorox toxic?

Hydrochloric Acid

Is carbonic acid toxic?


How can a base be used to neutralize an acid?

To neutalize an acid with a base you must put the base in the acid, that will give the substance pH of 7 which is neutral. You can also neutralize a base with an acid, but putting the acid in the base.

Is sulfuric acid or base?

Sulfuric Acid is a powerful acid and not a base.

Is silver carbonate an acid or base?

Its a acid base simply acid ;)

Is hydrocarbon an acid or a base?

It is a base neither acid nor base, because it doesn't react with base nor acid!

Is concentrated sulfuric acid flammable?

is concentrated sulphuric acid toxic

What is a congugate base?

The base which a certain acid turns into.Every acid had a conjugate base:HX (acid) X- (conjugate base)The acid is also called the base's conjugate acid.

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