Is acetamide acid or base

Updated: 8/9/2023
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It is a base It is a base It is a base

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Q: Is acetamide acid or base
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What is chemical equation when acetamide react with sulphuric acid?

Acetamide has a chemical formula of C2H5NO, and sulphuric acid is H2SO4. Their reaction is C2H5NO + H2SO4 <--> C2H6NO + HSO4. Note however, that the conjugate acid of acetamide may take two forms due to the non bonding electrons on the oxygen and nitrogen atoms of acetamide.

What is an acetamid?

An acetamide is an amide of acetic acid, chemical formula CH3CONH2.

Why amides are neutral?

acetamide is derived from acetic acid and its NH2 group is electron donating involved in docalization with carbonyl group C=O this group withdraws the elctron pair of NH2 and in this way acetamide behaves as acid but it has high pka value it means its ka value is low so we cant consider acetamode an acid or a base we simply can call it a neutral.

What is the equation for hydrolysis of the acetamide solution in a acid?

CH3-C=O-NH2 +HCl----> CH3-C=O-OH+ NH4Cl

Is paracetemol an acid base or salt?

This is difficult to say, because it is a so called ampholyte: BOTH weak acid AND weak base together.Paracetamol is chemically named: N-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-acetamide from which you can learn its hydroxyl-group in para-position (number 4 position) is acidic (!) and its amide-group is weakly basic. It's difficult to fore-say which property is foregrounded.

Why it is more useful to make ethyl acetate with acetic acid and alcohol rather than using other compounds like ketene alcohol or acetamide alcohol?

because it does not react in acetic acid

What NHCOCH3 is called?


How can an acid turn to base?

An acid can turn into a base if you mix a much stronger base with it! That way the base acid overpowers the acid and makes the acid a base!

What best describes a bronsted lowry acid base reaction?

Acid + base conjugate base + conjugate acid

Do acetamide dissolve in ethanol?


Does flour react with acid?

Flour is a base, not an acid.

Is nahco3 acid or base?

It is a Base.