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No, accidental knocks to the testicles will not damage a boys future children, how ever continued or severe intentional damage to testicles will, damage sperm produced and will also damage testicles, and can have health implications for the male. Therefore testicles are very delicate and should not be hit, they are organs, and attacks on testicles are sexual abuse.

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Q: If a boy gets kicked accidentally in his testicles will his future kids be retarded?
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What causes pain in testicles during puberty?

getting kicked there

Can you still have kids if you get kicked in the testicles?

i depends on how hard the kick was and how many times you've been kicked i guess.

Does it hurt a hermaphrodite when you get kicked in the testicles?

I haven't heard of a case where a hermaphrodite got hurt when I got kicked in the balls.

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How many times can a guy get kicked in the balls before they pop?

testicles do not pop... and it is never a good idea to get kicked in the testicles in the first place... so its a wise idea to stay away from dangers like that... they do rupture however, and that can lead to some very bad health problems

Could you be prevented from having children if you get kicked in the testicles hard enough?

Absolutely. In fact, being kicked or punched or whatever there can cause other types of handicaps. It can be quite horrible.

How come when your kicked in the testicles it takes a few seconds to hurt?

The message needs to be taken to the brain and then brought back first.

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Why does it hurt when you get kicked in the Balles?

it has about half the amount of nerve endings as in the female clitoris. so yeah it hurts. considering the clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis or testicles. it would hurt alot. it hurts as much as being kicked in the vulva. the vulva ahs the same amount of nerve endings as the testicles.

What are some reasons that a 12 year old boys testicles hurt?

its the start of a boy turning into a man, and don't hit them or get them kicked!

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