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It Depends on how he stares...


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It normally means that they like you

he'll choke up when he talks to you a keep stealing glances, stuff like that.

I am a boy and when i like a girl i tend to stare at her a lot and turn my eyes away when she glances at me. When she compliment me i usually feel awkward and dont know what to say and when were talking i try to ne cheerful and nice and make her laugh so just look out for those signs

I think you are reading a bit too much into it if is just one glance.If he keeps glancing at you, then it may well be that he is interested.

Well maybe if he was like looking at youu and youu wer speakin or somink and he glances down and glances bak up like realyy innocentlyy or sumink then problyy yhh youu could ask him or just see if he keeps doin things like this x

Possibly. Or maybe you have something on your face. Or maybe he just wants to get in your pants. I suggest you ask him.

There are a lot of fetishes out there, she probably has a lip fetish

it mean that a boy probly likes you a lot and if you like him ask him out

1. If he takes short glances at you 2. If he interacts with you such as talking to you everyday 3. If he relies on you on things such as giving you advice 4. If he hangs out with a lot of girls (girl groups) and glances at you (It might mean that he wants to make you jealous)

Flirt with him. A LOT You flirt with him. A LOT!!!!!

Well I am a 13 year old guy and if he just glances at you alot. Smiles at you every Now and then, trys to talk with you alot. Definately if he asks you out. I know I blush a lot around the girl I like. Idk if that helps but I tried

The plural of glance is glances. As in "the teacher glances in their direction".

The duration of Parting Glances is 1.5 hours.

The duration of Loving Glances is 1.62 hours.

If you really like that boy then go back to him and apologize that whatever you said was wrong and you really like him a lot

if he constantly glances toward you, wants to be your partner for something, etc.

i dunno every boy is different but with me being a boy i think about the girl i like loads and loads hope this helps you. If they like the girl "a lot", then yes, they definitely think about them.

when a boy likes u a lot and if u dont like him, u feel irritated and wonders why he behaves like that. but if u like that boy too, it is different. u will always in a dream world thinking about him and always longs to talk to him and to be with him always.

He asks about you a lot to other people and pretends like he doesn't like you

You can tell that a boy likes you if he looks at you a lot or he will send you a note sating that he likes you

Casually look at him and her together a few times when he is with her, and if you see him glance at you s few times, then he does like you. Actually if he glances at you more then a few times any time then he likes you.

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