If a boy likes a girl then when the girl touches him why did he ask her why she touched him and he also stares her into the eyes?

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The boy probably wants reassurance that you like him. He probably doesn't have much confidence in himself. He thinks you're too good for him. You should be flattered if anything. If he asks you why you touched him say "I like you and I want to be closer to you." He'll usually like that.
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Do boys like touching girls vaginas?

Yes, boys like touching it because it feels good. Depending on age, and whether they have done it before, to them it is a new experience and it's exciting. Teenagers are eager to try anything, so yes, they do enjoy it.

Do girls like touching boys penis?

yes but they hesitate first, once they feel it, they want to explore it more and more. they start licking and sucking and it comes to deep throat if you have time.

How do girls like to be touched?

If you're dating first you have to be able to kiss with no problem, then if that's ok you start touching her upper body(back, shoulders, and chest) then if you are ok with that you start touching her butt like rubbing it gently then if youre ok with that GET A ROOM! :)

Why do boys like touching girls?

It's just apart of nature... Boys like touching girls because they like them. If a boy touches you that means he's 1. horny 2. likes you or 3. just joking around.

Do guys like to touch girls?

Yeah we like touching girls but that's if the girl wants to be touched. Ask before touching. Always.

Where do girls like being touched?

on the neck, the ears, play with her hair, on the hips going in for a kiss, kisses behind the knee, the lower back

Why does this girl touch you in a flirty way also does it to other people but not like how she does it to you and when you ask her she says she doesnt know what shes talking about?

Your thinking way to deep into this. If shes like this, it indicates that her nature if that of flirting. She likes physical contact with other people, and if she does act differently around you, she probably likes you in a certain way, either that, or your biased in your observations. Find out from ( Full Answer )

Why boys touching girls nipple?

boys touch girls nipples because they just like too! Q) BUT Y they like any better ans? lol It is because the nipples are a sensative spot on women, which when messed with correctly, will cause them to become arroused or highten arousal that is already present. This also makes for good forpla ( Full Answer )

Do girls like touching their breast?

Yes. This is not universally true. Fondling a womans breast when the woman wants you to do so should be pleasurable. Many women are more aroused by the intimacy and passion than by the actual touching.

Can boys touch girls breast?

Uninvited sexual contact can result in embarrassment or even criminal charges. It is best to allow the woman to make some overt sign that she wishes you to touch her (anywhere).

How do you touch a girl you like?

Hug her then after you become closer try a KISS! My advice: Wow tough question The progression to touching is all about Non verbal communication. Basically the girl wants to stand or sit close to you and you try touching her shoulder or holding her hand or putting you arm around her if she is cold ( Full Answer )

Do girls like their butts touched?

It depends, i mean on experience sometimes it depends how i feel and stuff.. but like if they take your hand away then leave it like the fact that NO SHE DONT WANT YOU TOO.. because if you force her she will most likely love you and want to have sex with you

Why do girls like to touch boys?

it's easy their body and you move down slowly to touch their dicks. trust me they will love it. i know this because i am a boy and my friends agree with me.:)

Why boys touch girls?

The largest sensory organ of the human body is the epidermis, or skin, with its millions of receptors registering temperature, pressure and pain. We touch things not only to feel their surfaces, but also to communicate to each other. Researchers have long known that babies raised in orphanages who a ( Full Answer )

Why do boys touch girls hair?

Boys usually touch girls hair because they like them. When i was 14 a boy kept touching my hair and it was so annoying. Now I'm 17 and he's my boyfriend. Three years. So If a boy keeps touching your hair he likes you. So that's what i think. I hope that helped. :-)

Were does a girl touch a boy?

Since I'm a guy i'd say just touch his arm or his chest. what'll really make him happy is wrapping your arms around his chest and resting your head against him.

If a boy is staring into a girls eye what is he thinking about?

How beautiful they are and how happy they are to have her in their life When guys look at girls into the eye (they really don't think that what the person, wrote above.). Guys aren't the type of people girls describe them to be. The only romantic thing that's really going to come out of a guys m ( Full Answer )

A girl touch you on your back does she like you?

No. I would say the opposite yes, if a girl touches you on the back she likes you well enough to touch you. she may not wan to be your girlfriend. But, on the other hand, she may. If she hated you, she would not touch you at all.

Where do girls not like beeing touched?

if your just started dating don't touch "feminine areas" if you dated for awhile try to touch the waist when making out no lower no higher if she starts giving you "signs" use a condom and "go for the gold"

How do boys touch a girl they like?

They try and say the there's something in you hair and he fells your hair or even smells it they even try and touch you soft so you like them or you get what they are doing and you tell your friends to leave you two guys alone and he will tell you that he likes you and the fun starts

Why do boys like to touch girls' breasts?

This question seems deceptively simple, but the answer hits on several different things. First, all sexual desires including the specific one you mentioned are based on biology. Organisms that are sexual desire to have intercourse because we have evolved so that intercourse is pleasurable. The fa ( Full Answer )

Where do a girl like a guy to touch then?

It depends on the age and relationship... If you have had sex with her before then touching her on the breast or vagina or snogging her is the best she'll love you for it... But if you'll have never or are too young to have sex then just touch her face (in a romantic manner) or give her small kisses ( Full Answer )

Where do girls want touch from boy?

If ur a boy girls like being touched mostly everywhere of they think about sex and let u touch her if they don't don't touch them And im a girl make sure that u guys are close or dating and u have to be older cuz girls only wanna be touched when they are about 13- older but all girls all over

Why do girls like being touched?

Usually a girl doesn't like being touched allover. the most appropriate approach to a girl's skin is by or down thier bare legs if you ask. I however love the feel a girl's bare leg. what more can I say? I like legs.

Do all boys like touching girls?

Most mature, straight guys do. Some can be perves and do it without asking, but some will ask and will only do it if girl says its alright.

What do you do if a girl touches a boys ass?

It depends if it was consensual (both parties agreed to it) and how old each party is. If one is over 18 and the other is not it is considered child molestation and is punishable by law. If both are under 18 (or the legal age of consent) and if it was consensual then go for it. If you did n ( Full Answer )

Why do teenage boys like to touch girls vagina's?

There is a chemical called testosterone in both male and female people. This chemical causes sexual drive - something that pushes our bodies to do something. Teen males are getting greatly increased amounts of testosterone which pushes their minds and emotions to find a way to gratify this very stro ( Full Answer )

Why do boys like to touch girls breast?

If she has a pretty bosom, the sight and feel may be satisfying in itself. But it has more to do with degrees of intimacy. It will probably be the first intimate zone that she allows him to touch, so there is the simple excitement of the green light that may lead on to the next stage.

Do girls like to be touched by boys and where?

some girls are touchy-feel-y and like to be cuddled or supported perhaps more, but some girls are not really into any form of physical contant. Where is a matter of preference also. Never be afraid to make the physical moves you think are right.

Why girl are hot then touch the boys?

If you meant to say "Why are girls hot when they touch boys?" thenthe answer is "Because you're feeling a emotion called jealousy Otherwise I don't know what you are trying to say