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He finds you fascinating... for whatever reason.

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what happens when a boy stares into your eyes.does he like you or what.

Start a conversation with him. If he doesnt want to talk to you he will tell you.

hes probably scared let him come to you though if he doesnt then its not worth it

It may mean that he knows you like him and he likes you back or maybe he doesnt no you like him, but he likes you anyway.

Because hes scared, or shy. He probley doesnt know wether you like him or not, so he doesnt want to talk to you incase you dont like him and he feels stupid :')

yes unless he comes to you the next day and say 'we need to talk' that would be a problem.

it means that if you likes u he might be shy but if he doesnt he just doesnt like u?

Talk to him. Let him know everything you like. Be yourself. ;)

Look around for boys that might like you. If they Already like you then it will be easy to talk to them

well if he doent talk to you that much, it means that he likes you. so if he does talk to you alot it means he doesnt like you that much.

He totally likes you, but he doesnt know what to do, like.. he doesnt know if you like him, he doesnt know if he should tell his girlfriend he likes someone else.. I can go on and on.. If you like him, tell him, he totally likes you.

Usually its because hes imbaressed ir shy, but it might be that he was only looking at you and admiaring your looks but not wanting any conection.

Well. sometimes it can happen if he stares at you , and you look at him when he stares he might look away because he can be shy

A girl will always talk about him and stares at him or looking for him

he doesnt talk to u cuz he has feelings for you and he afraid to approch you were his brother doesnt feel u like dat so its easier

Just walk up and start talking. Guys like a girl who is confident.

It mean's He Has a Huge crush on you or he thinks your weird. I Rekon He has a Crush on you!!

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