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Doubtful, if in your state he is considered an adult, and is the only vehicle owner on the title, he will likely be the only one held responsible.

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Q: If a child moves out at 17 yrs old and hes car is in hes name and he pays hes own ins and he gets in a wreck is the parents liable for any cost?
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If you buy your child a car does it have to be in your name?

If your child gets in a wreck and the insurance company finds out he caused is and he has been the primary driver in your name, they dont't have to pay a cent and your rates may skyrocket until your child moves out.

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Uninsured child borrows parents car that is insured and child has a wreck does insurance company have to pay out?

As long as he had permission, then yes. If you are going to try to claim that he/she didn't have permission, that's a whole other story.

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If the custodial parent cancelled a minor from his insurance policy can the noncustodial parent be liable if the child gets into a wreck in a vehicle licensed to the noncustodial parent?

If the vehicle belongs to the non-custodial parent and it was the vehicle involved in the accident, then the non-custodial parent's insurance will have to cover the damages and is completely liable for anything that happens with his/her car.

If a minor child living with a custodial parent gets into a wreck and the custodial parent canceled the minor from the policy can the non custodial parent be liable?

No. The parent with custodial rights is totally liable especially since the child was living with you while it happened.AnswerThat depends on several factors such as why the coverage was canceled, when it was canceled, who allowed the child to drive the car, whether the issue is addressed in the separation agreement, etc. If the custodial parent canceled insurance coverage for a reason and the non-custodial parent allowed the child to drive in spite of the cancellation, the non-custodial parent may be liable. If the child wrecked a car and as a result the custodial parent canceled the insurance coverage so they could no longer drive, the non-custodial parent would be liable if they continue to allow the child to operate a vehicle.

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If you are selling someone your car and thay wreck it who's liable for it?

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If your daughter is included on your insurance policy and loans her car to her boyfriend who has a suspended license due to DUI are you liable if he has an accident?

If you knowingly let someone with no license drive your car, not only are you liable if he has a wreck. You could loose your license if he just gets pulled over for a bad tail light!

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