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According to Islamic Law,
In any situation, any conditions, In any circumstances
A Muslim Women can NOT Marry to a non Muslim.
Their is no way or any thing which makes a Muslim women to marry non Muslim men.
but, if the Man converts his religion to Islam. than he can marry to Muslim women.
But A Muslim Men Can marry to Non Muslim women (But these non Muslim Includes only Christan & Jews ).

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Is the Islamic religion in Iraq?

Iraq is an Islamic country & it has a Christian minority.

What is the main religion in Lebanon?

The population is mostly Islamic, but the government is mostly Christian.

Is Islamic and Muslim the same thing?

Islam is a religion and Muslim is the one who follows it : for example Christianity is the religion and a christian is one who follows Christianity . Islamic is like saying christian ; so a book can be Islamic and a book can also be christian. but because there is already a word given to people who follow Islam (Muslim) there isn't a need to be caling them Islamic therefore only non living things can be called Islamic.

Why is the Islamic symbol a star and a crescent?

It is not an Islamic symbol per religion. It is just something traditional and historical. There is no religious Islamic symbol in the sense as the Cross; for example; in the Christian religion. Refer to question below for more information.

What religion is carlos slim helu?

He is a Christian routing from Lebanon - A country which is divided between both Islamic and Christian beliefs.

Why are people following the buddhist religion?

For similar reasons that other people follow the Christian religion, the Islamic religion, etc. - basically, because the believe in it.

Do Christians hate Muslims?

that is a matter of opinion, i am a christian and i have absolutely no problem with Muslims or the Islamic religion.

What is the Religon of Canada?

Our largest religion is Christian but we are also a nation of many religions Such as Islamic or Jewish

What religion is closer to Christian Jewish or Islam?

ANSWERWell the Jews might not all agree, but the Jewish religion is definitely closer to the Christian religion than Islam. The Moslems worship the false god Allah. The Jews believe in the same God as Christians, but as a group have not yet accepted Christ as the Messiah, although some Jews have. Answer:Lets put it together in a chart (from an outsiders point of view) comparing various aspects and beliefs of each religion: Mankind descended from Adam: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YUses old testament prophets: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas ten commandments: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas one god: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas a heaven: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YBelieves they alone are right: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas supernatural beings (angels etc.): Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas miracles: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YInfo direct from god: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas existence of Jesus: Jewish(Coming someday), Christian Y, Islamic YJesus is divine: Jewish N, Christian Y, Islamic NOrdered to convert others: Jewish N, Christian Y, Islamic YWilling to kill members of one or both of the other religions: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YClaims supportable by science: Jewish N, Christian N, Islamic NMost believers pleasant people: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YIt would seem that all three are very similar with no clear closest relation

Is shaquille o neal a christian?

No, he is a Muslim. The names of his children are all Islamic names.

What religion is chamillionaire?

He grew in Islamic and Christian culture but according to his rap verses heseemsto side withChristianitymore.

Do Christians have shrines?

no, they do not. only the Islamic religion does. the Christian religions had churches, similar to shrines, but with a different name.

How do Islams celebrte Christmas?

Christmas is a Christian religious celebration, so I doubt it is celebrated by the Islamic religion.

Is a Muslim man allowed to marry a girl of no religion?

A Muslim man is not allowed, per Islamic religion, to marry a girl of no religion or of any religion different than Islam, Christian, or Jewish religion.

How did Islamic terrorism begin Is it true that western countries started first by invasions?

There is nothing such as Islamic Terrorism, just there is nothing such as Christian Terrorism.Terrorism has no religion at all.

How can you volenteer?

If you mean volunteer in the Islamic Religion, well you can volunteer at the Masjid, at your local college MSA, you can volunteer to teach Islamic Children about Islam.

What was the religion of people during the middle ages?

The religion was mostly christianity, which is a faith based religion In the territory of the former Roman Empire in Europe, Christian (Catholic). In the territory of the former Byzantine Empire, Christian (Orthodox). In northern Europe, either Christian (Catholic) or pagan--and some parts were animistic (e.g. pre-Christian Finland). In the Islamic world, obviously Islam was the religion during the European Middle Ages (although this was a golden age for Islamic culture). Note that Spain and Portugal were Islamic during the Middle Ages. Later with the rise of the Ottoman Turks, Islam was also brought into Europe through the Balkans.

What religion was in the Islamic caliphates?

"Islamic" means that it is related to the religion called "Islam". Such countries had, and still have, a population which, in their majority, was islamic.

Why are people attracted to the Islamic religion?

If people studied the Islamic religion in full, then no one would be attracted to such a religion.

What dynasty did internal decay over time cause Islamic division?

There are no divisions in Islam religion in the sense as for example in Christian religion. However, there are just different schools or groups that differ in minor Islamic issues. Refer to question below.

What is the main religion in New Jersey?

The dominant religion in New Jersey is Catholic. Other religions include Mormon, Jewish, and Islamic, as well as different Christian denominations.

Where is the Islamic religion used?

Islamic religion is the faith of Muslims who are spread all over the world.

What is the social impact of the Islamic religion on the world today?

Islamic religion is the best in the whole world

Should Christian be capitalized?

Yes, just like Jewish and Bhuddist and Islamic, the adjectival form of the name of a religion gets capitalized.

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