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It can improve your credit score a little, but to make the best improvement possible contact them and negotiate to have them remove their listing on your credit reports completely in exchange for your payment in full. This will help your credit FICO score the most.

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Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: If a collection agency is after a small amount of debt and you pay that amount in full how will this payment improve your credit score?
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How do you pay a collection account?

Have the collection agency send a written agreement accepting the settlement or payment amount agreed upon BEFORE rendering any payment(s).

What is the use of a collection agency debt settlement?

A collection agency debt settlement means when someone is in debt and a company offers a settlement amount to the creditors owed. Payment arrangements are discussed and made, sometimes the amount is way less than the actual bill.

What if collection agency won't accept payment that amount to 25 percent per month of the full debt?

By federal law and most collection agencies' policies, partial payments are not manditorily accpeted. Collection agencies are not required by law to accept anything less than payment in full. If the agency has refused 25% monthly of the full amount to be paid in full in four months, I reommend sending the payment with an explanation of this to the original creditor. Chances are your payment and arrangements will be accepted.

Can a collection agency force a disable person to make a payment based on the amount they receive each month?

your disability can not be touched, if this is the only income you have!

If the collection agency amount is more than the creditor amount which amount do you legally have to pay?

A collection agency legally require the amount of the debt, plus any other charges/penalties incurred in the collection of the debt.

Can a collection agency ask for my income amount?

no sorry

Can a collection agency Garnish if paying not full amount?


Is there a dollar amount for collection agency's to report to the credit bureau?

A collection agency can report you to the credit bureau for any amount of money. There are agencies that will report for amounts under a hundred dollars.

What is the most a collection agency can garnish from your check?

this is an amount determined by a judge

Who sent you to the collection agency?

I presume your question is "how did your debt wind-up at a collection agency". There are 2 methods: (1) the original creditor sold your account to an agency for a price that is a fraction of the outstanding balance on the account (so the collection agency now is your creditor legally), (2) the original creditor contracted with a collection agency to get you to make more payment on the debt than you have while interacting with the original creditor only. In either case, a collection agency is a company that makes a profit by getting debtors to make a payment of sufficiently greater amount (than they had been making to the original creditor) such that a greater return can be realized from this continued effort to collect the debt, and collection agencies usually are profitable companies. In my personal opinion, the first method (# 1 above) is used in the vast majority of delinquent debt collection situations. Any creditor organization of at least medium business size has enough staff to attempt to coax the debtor to make more payment, so there would be no reason to contract a collection agency to try again. That latter point being understood, collection agencies sometimes resell a debt account to another collection agency when they give-up on trying to get more payment from the debtor (and the account has not been settled).

If a medical bill was sent to an agency but they refused to take payment are you still held responsible for that bill?

A collection agency/creditor does not have to accept any payment amount rendered unless the terms were included in a written contract. The refusal of the agency to accept the payment does not invalidate the debt the full amount is still owed by the borrower/debtor. Call them and get more information as to why it was not accepted. Keep asking until you fully understand what the issue is. Be sure you get a paid receipt for your files once you get it resolved.

What are your options if you are unable to pay the full debt amount to the collection agency?

Do NOT pay any money to a collection agency.......send your money to the debtor, the person you owe it to. Send it in the form of a check or money order. NEVER PAY A COLLECTION AGENCY

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