Green Cards

If a company hires a person and this persons green card expired 2 years ago is the company in legal trouble and is the person required to pay taxes?

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2013-02-28 09:08:34

An illegal citizen is not required to pay tax because they are

not legal. If a company hires an illegal (whether they know about

it or not), they can get into serious trouble. * Undocumented

immigrants do pay taxes, unless the person is paid in cash,"under

the table". They also are subject to withholding of Medicare, SS

and so forth. They cannot file a claim for such benefits. Companies

who knowingly employ illegal immigrants are subject to severe

penalties. However, most illegal immigrant workers use false

documents and such documentation takes a considerable time to track

down. This allows workers to be employed for a few months at many

different jobs and the employer not to be aware of the situation

until receiving notification from immigration or SS agencies.

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