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you have a legal right to keep your personal information personal if you didn't sign a paper giving them permission to run your credit take them to court and get yourself some justice find out why and what their motive was

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Q: If a company pulls your credit without your permission what do you do?
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Does pulling credit report multiple times count against you?

There are two types of inquiries. Soft pulls and hard pulls. Soft pulls are when you look at your own credit. They don't get counted as far as your credit score. However hard pulls are when you apply for credit. This can effect your score 2 - 5 point for each inquiry.

How do you erase credit pulls?

If the credit pulls were not authorized, write a letter to each of the bureaus that are reporting the inquiries, and let them know that they were not authorized. Legally, they should remove this information from your credit report if it is inaccurately reporting. If you did authorize the credit pulls, then this information will likely stay on your credit report for 1-3 years.

Why does your credit score vary depending on who pulls it?

Your credit score varies depending on the date and time, not by who pulls it. Different bureaus have different scores and they can change.

What stores only do soft credit pulls?

If you're applying for credit, then they will all do a hard hit

Does it hurt your credit score when you have a credit report service that allows you to check your credit score as much as you want?

It only hurts your credit score when someone else pulls your credit report.

If I want an online credit card, who can I see for credit score advice?

Yes the internet is one of the best ways to get everyday questions answered. When applying for a credit card your credit can suffer what is called "hard or soft pulls". This just means that when they are running your credit and trying to see if you qualify. Bigger credit cards often require the harder pulls. A website you might find helpful is It has most credit cards on there to chose from. It will ask you a few questions before suggesting a card that might be best for you. This will limit the pulls shown on your credit report.

What does it mean when they say that your credit report is suppressed?

When you suppress your credit report, that means that anybody who pulls your credit report will get no information back. It will not even give the header that comes on the credit reports. So if you are looking to get some type of credit do not suppress your credit report.

What does RPI-LD mean on a credit report?

What RPI-LD on a credit report means is that a hard pull was done. Hard pulls are usually done when doing credit checks from landlords and such.

Can you request your credit score after a company pulls your credit report?

Absolutely. You can request your credit report anytime you want. If the company that pulled your credit report denied you the credit you sought, by law, you can get a copy of your credit report free if you request it within 30 days of the denial. You are also permitted to get all three of your credit reports once each year free of charge. If you have not requested your free credit reports in the last year, you may call 877-322-8228 and request them. They will arrive in 7 - 10 business days after your order. Understand that these are your credit reports only. They will not include your credit scores. They will only include the subscribers that report to the credit reporting agencies and what they reported about your financial behavior with them.

Does applying for new credit cards hurt your score?

Every time you apply for credit and a creditor pulls a report it hurts your FICO score. The rule is to have no more then 6 inquiries on your credit report with in six months. They say a hard inquiry pulls your score down 3-5 points. There are 2 different inquiries hard and soft. A soft inquiry is when you pull your report or a creditor you already have pulls it to make sure you still have a good profile. The hard inquiries are the ones that hurt your score. It means that you are applying for credit.

How does pulling credit reports affect credit score?

If you are pulling it on yourself, it doesn't affect it in any way. If you apply for multiple loans and each lender pulls a credit report, it will have a negative effect on your score because it may look like you are desperate for credit.

Can a hospital bill go onto your credit report?

Yes an unpaid hospital bill will show on your credit report, however, if you are disputing the bill you can write to the credit reporting agencies(all 3) and have the dispute added to your file. This way if anyone pulls your credit report this cannot be taken into acccount for future credit.

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