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Also known as Consumer Protection laws, consumer rights and protection are government regulated laws that protect the consumer from unfair trade practices by businesses. Consumers are those that purchase goods and/or services.

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Consumer Rights and Protection
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Can you pay bills with your birth certificate?

somme research says that yes you can but as of yet no one is sure

but most likely i would say no

The only means that one can use a birth certificate to pay bills is claims as proof of identity to garner access to existing bank accounts and or open a bank account as these documents are vital to obtain a legal photo I.D.

Now under some old colony laws the right of birth enables also the access to government assistance or application of such to receive money to pay for bills in those days a govt official would validate a vendor to accept vital goods for life (this is still viable only to FEMA as the approved merchant or bill collector must document offerings if properly registered with govt). If one doesn't have proper I.D. for issues such as stolen wallet with I.D. and or loss via a home fire and/or etc. I would say yes only in certain situations of the most extreme consequences such as a natural disaster where the documentation is used to receive vouchers to pay for recover only in situations such as a natural disaster through FEMA.

But if no incidence of natural disaster or if not applying through a government social services agency then NO, no retailer and or bill collector is currently authorized to accept a birth certificate as it's the one area of proof of Identity - it's best not to openly display such a document that secures your identity in cases of identity fraud or open yourself of having this document compromised by open display to others that may or may not take content of information pertained in order to commit an act of identity fraud against you.

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When is the Payout Day for the Avandia-Lawsuit?

That all depends on the law firm that is representing you - when they decide to submit for settlement. I for one know that the firm I'm with just submitted a list of about 2k clients to the Glaxo Lawyers... Finally settlement time! Doesn't matter though, still a lot of work ahead booting cases/claimants that aren't cooperating/qualifying and adding new ones. The record ordering process never ends!

From the day that settlement negotiations begin - depending on how many individuals are involved in the payout - expect atleast 6 months to a year before any settlement checks will be issued.

Avandia Lawsuit Settlements & Claims See below:

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How much TFMPP in molly's plant food?

The package says Piperazine free... so none, I would imagine?

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Do you have to provide a copy invoice for a part that was purchased 3 years ago?

If the customer was given an invoice three years ago for the purchase of goods, and if you still have copies of invoices that far back - which you should have, probably on your computer - there seems no reason to refuse the customer's request.

Whether you are required by law to provide the copy of that invoice will depend entirely on the circumstances leading to the request and on local legislation. You will need to contact your equivalent of a consumer affairs department or office, which should be in the telephone directory, in the government section.

Regardless of what your local law says, remember it is always best to comply with customers' reasonable wishes and requests.

One unhappy customer will talk to many others about the reasons for their dissatisfaction with a business; anyone who wants to continue in business and keep their customer base increasing needs to bear this in mind.

Consumer Rights and Protection

WHAT ARE non-uniform covenants?

Concern matters that vary slightly from state to state and are custom drafted for each particular state.

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What does 'no quibble' mean?

- make trivial objections: to argue over unimportant things and make petty objections

- petty objection: an unimportant distinction or petty objection

Consumer Rights and Protection

Does NY have a verbal agreement for court cases?

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Is there a time period when a purchaser can terminate a contract with a dealership due to problems with a car?

United States

The laws vary in different states and it can depend on the reason why you want to cancel. It is important that you check the rules in your particular state. Also, its not easy. For example, some states have Lemon Laws that cover the purchase of a car with unreasonable and costly repairs. You need to act within the statutory warranty period (or the short warranty period offered by the seller) which in most cases is only thirty days. You need to document the problems and have proof that you gave the dealer the opportunity to repair them and they failed. You may need to sue in court.

For terminating a contract you need to first review the contract looking for an explanation of your right to terminate. For car sales in many jurisdictions there is no statutory right to cancel the contract. Some dealerships have a no questions asked policy for a short period of time after the sale but you must make certain you have that in writing. One local dealership offers a 48 hour full refund period if you change your mind.

See related links for further discussion on this topic.

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Is workmens comp responsible for the 20 percent your insurance does not pay on doctors bills and prescriptions?

If you are talking about the med you get for workers comp pain they do pay the 100% (do not use your ins.)... (doctors visits as well) 100% If you have been injured on the job, Worker's Compensation is responsible for the WHOLE thing. It is not responsible for the 20% copay for your health insurance.

It is illegal for you to file a work related claim on your personal insurance. Such claims must be covered by work comp per the Worker's Compensation Act. If your health insurance finds out, they can demand repayment.

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What is jago grahak jago?

Jago grahak, jago" was the tag-line of an advertising campaign in Siliguri, India, advising consumers of their rights and means of getting help.

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Can you return a new car to dealer in Florida?

There is no buyer's remorse law that applies to vehicles. If you are referring to a defective vehicle - Florida DOES have a lemon law however you must satisfy all the requirements set forth in it before the company is required to take the vehicle back. If you are simply dissatisfied with it, you can try to make a deal with the dealer, but you will probably wind up on the short end of the deal money-wise.

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Is affirmative action policy morally defensible?

Affirmative Action is a policy which attempts to address long standing opportunity inequalities within our society. By setting different standards for those groups who have been denied opportunities, it is hoped that a greater percentage of people within those groups will be able to reverse the status quo and take full advantage of opportunities within our society. On that basis, Affirmative Action is morally defensible.

On the other hand, when individuals within one group are extended opportunities without meeting the standards that others must meet for the same opportunities, it is at the expense of the others, who may therefore be denied opportunities, even though they may have met a higher standard. On this basis, Affirmative Action may not be morally indefensible.

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What happens if i hit telephone pole with my car?

Depends on the speed you are traveling, what kind of car you are in, where on the car you hit, what the telephone pole is made out of and how well it was anchored. If you hit a wooden, leaning telephone pole in a large SUV head-on at 50mph, you will probably be okay (but with injuries, total your car and tip the pole, leaving live wires lying all over the place, which is bad). However, if you crash into a metal telephone pole in a small sedan head on traveling 50 miles an hour, you could sustain serious injuries and die. Always wear your seatbelt.

If you hit anywhere on the side, from skidding perhaps, traveling at any appreciable velocity, you had better hope that it's the passenger side and that you don't have a passenger, because it could very likely crush and kill them. If you hit it fast enough, as demonstrated in a picture I saw once of an Audi R8, if you hit the pole sideways fast enough, it will tear your car in half.

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Are Tesco plotting world domination?


Consumer Rights and Protection

How do I fight Walmart's Asset Protection if wrongly accused of shoplifting?

I highly doubt you were "falsely" accused. The policy for asset protection is to only apprehend you, if they have 110% proof. However... I believe everyone makes mistakes, ask that they show proof by present the video footage for that date/time.

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Is there a civilian model of a chay tac m200?

It's a civilian legal rifle to begin with. If you're referring to a more 'sporterised' version of it, then no, there isn't.

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What are the powers of the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

the right to require warning labels, to establish standards of performance, to require immediate notification of a defective product, and to mandate product testing. However, its greatest power is product recall.

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Explain what kind of research was conducted by the Marketing Manager of Swish to locate a problem?

Case Study Consumer Behaviour

The core of marketing concept is to understand consumer needs and develop products/services that meet these needs. 'Swish' is a brand of jackets based in Pakistan which has been selling Jackets to the mass market since 1980 in Pakistan. They did not take pain to study changing behavior s of the consumers hence couldn't even think about segmentation of the markets until their sales went down.

In 2010, a newly selected Marketing Manager Mr. Muhammad Ali conducted survey from the consumers by floating a number of question s regarding their choices. The study found that its greatest market of baby boomer (A baby boomer is a person who was born between the years 1946 and 1964) has grownup and their need had changed. He also found that needs of the young consumers was rapidly changing. Therefore, they came up with a solution and segment the market by launching different brand under the corporate brand name of swish as follows: 'Swish seniors', 'Swish Boys' 'Swish girl', 'Swish Kids'. This separation of the market into different slots, targeting various groups and fulfilling their need not only increased their sales but also covered the pervious loss. Mr. Muhammad Ali is planning to enlarge the offerings of the company by entering into shirts, jeans, suits and Skirts. Success in segmentation also motivating them to cross the boundaries and launch its brands into East Asian countries.

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The elements of the company's micro environment?

element of micro environment

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Can the towing company charge you to retrieve your personal property in Minnesota?

If your vehicle is in a private impound or police impound then yes. They only are obligated to give you without charge your government issued ID card(s), medication(s), and corrective lenses. They can hold anything else, even your house keys, clothes, food, whatever. Also if you "abandoned" your vehicle at an impound in Minnesota and the towing company goes through the legal process of placing a lien on your vehicle the property goes with the car.

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What happens at chapter 13 creditors' meeting?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is different than chapter 7 in that you will essentially be reorganizing your debt and coming up with a payment plan. The creditors meeting involves filing a plan with the bankruptcy court suggesting how you will repay your debt. Some debts must be repaid in full while others require only a percentage or nothing at all.

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Are there any consumer protection acts in India if anyhow have they benefited?

There is a consumer protection act 1986, in India I have benefiited as far as getting the court order is concerned but the collector is not doing the job..

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What conditions can make a selling contract null and void?

That depends on the particular contact.

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Is is legal to charge missed appointments in Canada?

I was told someone would show up to fix my garage door "later on the day" and they showed up at 2:25 and since I was not here they left a bill. I called and they said is my fault because I was not at home and they NEVER said they would come later on the day. The bill says add 2% per mo. 24% per year. Is it legal? is it a must pay?

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Who is the most protected man on earth?

The Pope is the most protected man in the world. There has not been an assassination of a Pope since the 1200's. Most people would say that the President of the United States is the most protected man, but that is not true. The proof is the fact that presidents have been killed in modern times, whereas Popes have remained alive despite several assassination attempts.


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