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No. You should throw it away and use a new condom.

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Q: If a condom has a pin hole right on the end can you tie a knot in it like you tie a knot to keep air in a balloon?
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Your boyfriend can't keep the condom on what do you do?

Buy a smaller Condom

What do air particles do to keep a balloon inflated?

They bounce around and push on the rubber. If there is a hole air particles escape causing it to deflate.

A friend wants a condom but then she doesn't what should she do?

if shes dating anyone, she should keep the condom!

What will happen if a pumpkin kept on a balloon?

if we keep a pumpkin inside a balloon the balloon will not fly and will burst

How do they keep sperm from uniting with egg?

With a condom

Does practicing safe sex prevent std's.?

Yes if you're using a condom and if the condom hasn't spilt and if you keep the condom on for oral sex too.

What happens if you keep taking the condom on and off during sex but between taking it off and on you use no condom for a little while?

Then you defeat the purpose and effectiveness of the condom.

Why does a balloon blast if you keep on blowing air into it?

because of the poor elasticity of the balloon

How do you keep a balloon from deflating?

hairspray it

Do thy keep balloon animals to the front shelves?

They keep balloon on the front self so that they would be busted. They also keep them near the front so they will not get stolen.

Why can't you put on a tingler ring with your condom?

well i dont know why u cant. i find it helps keep the condom on

How can you keep a girl from getting pregnant while using a condom?

A condom is good protection, but no birth control is 100% effective.

Why a balloon bursts if it keep in the sun?

Temperature of air inside the balloon increases. The balloon expands and, as it exceeds the elastic limit, it bursts.

What can you do to keep from getting infected by aids?

wear a condom retards

How do you make a potato explode?

hollow out the middle and put explosives inside OR put a hole in it and shove a balloon pump end in it and keep pumping it and the force inside will build up and it will explode!

Why do balloons burst when they have too much air in them?

Because if you keep filling a balloon with air at some point the interior pressure will be so high that the material that the balloon is made from tears. Then there is a sudden release of pressure as the gas escapes and we hear the sound as the gas escapes through the hole created.

How do you win the circus squirter in wimpy boardwalk?

You move ur mouse to the direction the hole (clown's mouth) until the balloon bursts ! :)In order to beat Circus Soaker and get the prize, it seems tough and you'll think you are going to lose, but if you try your best to keep on target, you'll still win. The object of this game is to simply shoot your water canon into the right side of the clowns mouth. You should see a tiny hole on the right side of his mouth. As long as you aim for that and make a good attempt to keep it going in his mouth, you will beat Circus Soaker.

What is the gas in the balloons used for?

to keep the balloon floating

How do you apply a condem?

Usually if you buy the box it tells you how in the instructions. but if you really need it take the condom out of the wrapper, make sure you do not hold it to excessively or you might put a hole in it which will have defeated the whole purpose of using it . place the condom at the top of the penis on the head. Pinch the tip of the condom to make sure there is no air in it and it will not come off during intercourse. while hold on the bottom of the condom with one hand and making sure to keep the top in place over the head roll the condom down your shaft until it fully covers the penis, use lub or sperm-aside if you want and enjoy.

Which gas fills a balloon faster?

The Lime will fill up the balloon the fastest as long as you keep it in safe spot.!

Can a hot air balloon go above the troposphere?

yes, because there is enough pressure to keep the balloon in the are and a float

Why must hot air balloon pilots do occasional blasts on the burner?

To keep the hot air flowing in the balloon.

Why A balloon collapses when air is removed from it?

there is nothing to keep it up and there is nothing in it to keep its shape

Why a balloon burst when blowing air in it?

If we keep on blowing air in a balloon , the air pressure inside is increased which causes the balloon to expand.when the balloon is fully expanded and no more space is left inside it,immediately the balloon burst... By sadia akhtar

How do hot air balloonists keep their balloons going?

There is a hot fire burning right above the basket so the hotter the air, the higher the balloon goes on!