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The answer depends on the state where you live, but generally not.

Most fathers, particilarly if not married to the mother, have fewer rights.

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What are the rights of the mother who has shared custody of the child but is not the custodial parent?

same as a father under the same conditions. What the court orders say.

Does the mother have to consent to for the father to sign over rights of children?

Yes, but under certain circumstances, neither she, nor the court has the power to do it. see related question.

Can a father in pa give up his rights to a child and not pay child support?

A father can give up his rights in Pennsylvania under certain circumstances. Before he is able to do so, he and the mother must go to court so a judge can determine what is in the best interests of the child.

What happens when a mother does not name the father on the birthcertificate when the child is born and the man she is with is told that he is the father of this child... Then 5 years later he is told?

the man she was living with was NOT the biological father, but he was under the assumption that he was and was supporting and raising the child as his own. what rights does he have

Does a father have legal rights if he does not sign a birth certificate and he is not married to the mother?

yes he does still have rigths under penial code 56789.90, Also he has the rigths to have a DNA test.

Can a child have her father give up his parental rights?

Only with the permission of the mother AND the courts, provided the mother is not on Welfare or will be. Only mothers have the right, under the laws of the land, to abort, abandon, and give up their rights to their children, without societal repercussionand being called deadbeats.

If the father is not married to the mother can the father take the child?

The father has not established his parental rights. An unmarried mother has legal custody of her child. Since the parents are not married the father needs to establish his paternity in court in order to gain his parental rights legally. Once established he should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues who can review his situation and explain his rights and options under the laws in the jurisdiction. According to the details the child has not been in a stable environment since birth. An attorney can help the father plead his case before the court.

Scenario A US citizen mother and an illegal immigrant father What is the maternal grandparents rights if something happens to the mother?

The same under all possible scenarios. Unless specifically stated in a custody decree, they get the child. In Kansas, if the children are under five and the mother is married to the man, and together, the maternal grandparents have first right to take the children under the tender years doctrine. Unless specified, no divorced or single father has a presumed right to the children when a custodial mother dies.

Can a mother lose custody to a man who is not the biological father?

Generally, no. However, you have not provided any detail and there may be circumstances under which an unfit mother may lose custody to a step father who has been a stable parent to the child. You should speak with an attorney who can review your situation and explain your rights and options.

Does a non biological father have rights to child when he signed birth certificate?

No, and neither does a biological father, if they are not married to the mother. These are the stipulated provisions of the laws in the United States. Only through application to the courts for permission does is a man granted any such rights, even while under a child support order. see links

Can you move froM pa with my son no one has custody of him?

If married? NoIf single? The mother can as the father has no rights, but he could still file an injunction.Even if married, frequently the mother will move anyway than make an allegation against the father in the new state. By the time he clears himself, the new state has jurisdiction under the UCJAA.

What rights does a thirteen year old have regarding wanting nothing to do with her father?

In most states the minor under age 14 cannot chose to see or not see said parent. Especially if parents are divorced and have either joint custody or some type of visitation worked out in the court order. However if daughter is under full custody of mother and does not wish to see the father and no visitation rights have been rewarded to the father the daughter does not have to see him. Most time the courts will decide visitation rights and so forth.

How do you give custody of a child?

I will like to know, what rights a father that is 18 and illegal has, when the mother is 15,witch will make her under age.She is saying that she and her child molester father is moving so he can't see his son unless he is with her. The father whats to be there for the baby and does not want to take him from the mom,but want what safes for his son and being with the mother is not safe.I would like to know what the father can do to be in the babys life but still has his freedom?

What rights do partners in a civil union have in California?

Under California law, partners in an out-of-state civil union have all the same rights as a married couple do.

What are the rights of the father of a married womans unborn child when the father is not her husband?

The father has created an extremely complicated legal situation. He has no rights unless he obtains them through a court order. The husband of a married woman is presumed by law to be the father of any children born during the marriage. If the mother is willing he can execute an affidavit of parentage and then initiate a custody case to obtain joint custody. He should consult with an attorney who can review his situation and explain all his rights and obligations under the laws in his jurisdictions.

If you are 17 pregnant your mother moved you away from the father do you have any rights to move out?

Yes as long as the father is under 18 then your mother cant get him into trouble. * Not legally. Pregnancy does not automatically emancipate a minor, she is still under the custody of her parents or guardian unless a court rules otherwise. The custodial parent could request assistance from the court to have the minor returned to his or her custody. Considering that the minor female is pregnant it is very likely the court would issue such an order. Neither the named father of the child or his family have legal rights until the child is born and parentage is established and custodial or visitation rights are granted by the court or voluntarily by the birth mother. There could be, as previously noted, numerous problems if the pregnant minor is beneath the state's AOC and the father qualifies as a legal adult.

If your father deeds property to you so you can build a house on it what rights do you have?

You are the new owner of the property and have every right as such under the law. Your father no longer owns the property and therefore he no longer has any rights in it.

Can a father keep a 9 month baby from her mother?

If the mother has been the custodial parent (which most mothers are), or has been legally designated the custodial parent with a visitation order for the father, the mother can (and should) contact the police. Ask the police to intervene. At the same time, get an attorney to file an emergency petition in family court for custodial interference.If the mother is the party with only visitation rights, under a court order for visitation, you would first need to know your rights and responsibilities under the order. If the father is violating the order, you would need to petition the court for the father disobeying the court order. The father would need to show just cause for not giving the baby to you at the appointed times per the court order. As long as you are doing your part of the order, and have no problems the judge could use to rule against you, the order should be enforced.

Can a mother decide weather or not her under age child can give their baby up for adoption?

Not in the USA. Only the biological mother decides this and even if she wanted to she could not do it without the father agreeing to it. They might be underage but they have the same rights as all parents to decide regarding their child.

How long before a mother's rights are terminated when a child has been left with the father?

There is no universal answer to your question. The mother's rights must be terminated by a court order. The father need to consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues under the laws in your jurisdiction.There is no universal answer to your question. The mother's rights must be terminated by a court order. The father need to consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues under the laws in your jurisdiction.There is no universal answer to your question. The mother's rights must be terminated by a court order. The father need to consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues under the laws in your jurisdiction.There is no universal answer to your question. The mother's rights must be terminated by a court order. The father need to consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues under the laws in your jurisdiction.

Can a father give up all rights to a child?

Yes, if it is requested of the mother. If the mother wants child support, then the father has to pay. The voluntary relinquishment of parental rights is generally done to enable the child(ren) to be adopted. All parents have the right to petition the court to terminate their parental rights under the TPR laws. Each state sets the requirements for such action to be granted, and the final decision is left to the presiding judge. When such a decree is granted the parent permanently forfeits all rights to the child(ren) including financial responsibility.

If mother is deceased and father is on death bed who gets his social security?

If the father has any children under 18 years old, they do.

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