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If the old collection company is still showing the debt being owed, it can usually be taken care of by supplying to them evidence of the payoff of the debt with the other agency. Should that not work, order your credit report on line (from whichever bureau is reporting it) and then instigate an on-line dispute. You'll have to supply to them evidence the debt is paid and then they'll handle it from there. This procedure usually takes 30 - 45 days to clear up.

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Q: If a debt listed on your credit report was sold from one collection agency to another and you paid the debt with the new agency can the old agency still be marked as a debt on your credit report?
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Can a collection agency for a non-credit card-type bill hurt your credit rating?

Yes Once a collection account is reported to your credit history, its origin no longer matters. If money is owed and it gets listed with a credit reporting agency as a collection account, it affects the main factor in your credit score: Payment history. See for details of a FICO score.

Can a debt be listed on your credit report by the collection agency as two separate entries with one as a charge off and the other as a collection fee?

Yes, the charge off is entered by the original creditor, and the collection fee is a separate debt.

How do you fix your credit report if an original paid collection account is now listed with multiple other collection agencies a year later?

Your best bet is send a certified letter to the agencies who have your debt listed. Be polite and give them 30 days notice to remove the negative information. After 30 days have expired run another credit report to see if they removed the information. If the negative information is not removed you should file small claims judgment against the credit-reporting agency.

You have a valid debt that was purchased by another collection agency however the original date that the debt was opened was 2003 The new collection agency has it listed as 2005 is this legal?

The date that is of the most importance is the DLA, which is used if it pertains to the state SOL. The opening account date can be disputed and possibly amended, but it will not affect the validity of the debt or prohibit the collection process.

If several debts listed on a credit report are sold to a new collection agency and then paid in full can the debts from the old agency be disputed and removed from a credit report?

Yes and no. What the original credit agency should be reporting is that the debt was transferred to a new collector. Once you have proof that the debt was paid in full, you should be able to provide all creditors that are reporting negative info regarding that debt that this is the case and they should mark your records accordingly with a zero balance. It is really entirely up to them as to whether or not they totally remove the entry from your credit report.

How do you find out if an account has been turned over to a collection agency and what amount is owed?

When you check your credit report there are several sections, one is called collections account. You will be able to review collections account directly after judgements, if any are listed on your report.

If you took a college course and only gave your name and address can the college still send it to an agency for collection?

AnswerYes, if you have an outstanding balance due and especially if you provided your social security number on your application. The collection agency will then identify any accounts that have additional pertinent information such as social security number (if not provided), phone numbers and alternate points of contact. The agency will then attempt to collect the outstanding balance. If they fail to collect the debt, the delinquent account will be listed to your credit bureau. When you apply for any future loan, revolving account or have any one check your bureau for credit worthiness (i.e. apartment, cell phone or utility company) your college course debt will be listed as an unpaid debt. The debt may have also accrued interest, late fees and the collection agency fees.

What should you do if a creditor listed on your credit report is no longer at the location shown on the report?

Sumbit a dispute based on inaccurate information and let the credit report agency find them for you.

Are lawsuits filed against you by credit card collection agency public knowledge?

Yes, any public court proceding is public information. Also it can appear as negative items on your credit report as bad. Credit card companies usually will kill your credit by: 1. It gets listed as a judgment - negative account 2. It gets listed as bad debt with the card's name - negative So it can be a double whammy to your credit score. Pay it off and settle the judgment. Send your settled judgment to the credit bureaus so that your credit is update as soon as possible. these items can stay with your credit for 7 years.

How can you remove a collection agency entry from your report if you have paid the original creditor and there is no need to deal with the agency?

Send proof of payment to the original creditor and the information being reported against you by the collection agency. Request that they make sure the collection account is withdrawn and their original account is listed as paid. Upon receipt of that letter, send a dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies with your proof of payment. Follow up until your credit report is correct. updated entry: This is pretty good, but one problem is that neither the creditor nor the collection agency will be all that motivated to do anything since you have already paid the debt. But is really your only option at this point. Keep doing this over and over (every 2-3 months). I am always surprised, but sometimes things get removed on my 3rd or 4th time.

Does telephone service get reported as a utility bill and does it roll off in seven years?

The credit bureaus do not care about utilities. I have never known a utility bill to appear on a credit report from the big three. It's the unsecured and larger debts (mortgage and car) they tend to be interested in. The theory is that the utility just shuts off your power. No problem. I moved out of my apartment in 1993 and unknowingly left a 123.00 phone bill. Last year, SBC took over Ameritech and they said they had new "collection procedures" and contacted me at my house. This is 12 years later. It was actually a collection agency that contacted me. When I checked my credit report a few months ago, it was listed as a collection and there was several collection "marks" listed for the last few months, so it does occasionally get placed on credit report. I paid it the 1st day they called my home by the way and it was still reported as a collection and that they were "unable to locate" me.

How do you check if I am still blacklisted?

Any credit reference agency will do a search on you, and your address (for a fee) - to show whether you're still black-listed.

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