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They may not be able to as for your tax refund because they have freed you of all obligations. However, you need to read the paperwork and make sure there is no language that gives the right to go after the money in the future.

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Q: If a final decree states that trustee is hereby discharged and any bond required is cancelled and that the chapter 7 case of the debtor is closed might they still ask for your tax refund?
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Your personal bankruptcy was filed in 2000 can your name be added to a CD account?

If your bankruptcy was "discharged" in 2000, then yes. Discharged means it is done! If you are still in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, still paying the trustee--then no. If the trustee finds out about the CD, it will cause lot of problems.

When is Chapter 13 bankrupcty discharged?

After the Chapter 13 plan has been successfully completed and the Trustee so certifies. Some courts require filing a motion or request for a discharge.

Can you stop chapter 13 bankruptcy payments from coming out of your pay check?

No, if automatic withdrawal has been implemented by the BK court trustee they will continue until the chapter 13 is discharged or dismissed.

What happens after the meeting of creditors?

The U.S. Trustee has ten days to object to your discharge on a Chapter 7. Creditors have sixty days to object. Then you should be discharged.

If you are in bankruptcy can you still purchase a new or used car?

If it is chapter 7 and has not been discharged then, no. If it is a chapter 13 then the bankruptcy filer would need the permissin of the trustee to make any major financial transactions.

Is a bankruptcy valid if you never followed through?

No. If a Chapter 7 is not properly discharged and closed it is not valid. If a Chapter 13 is not adhered to according to the repayment plan agreed on it will be dismissed by the BK trustee with or without prejudice.

Can the trustee take property after a chapter 7 is discharged?

No, unless a person dies within 180 days of the debtor filing for BK and the debtor receives an inheritance from the decedent's estate/probate.

How are you notified that your chapter 13 bankruptcy has been discharged?

If you have filed the financial management certificate due after the plan has been certified by the trustee as completed, you or your attorney must file an application for the discharge.

If my debt is only in my name and I file chapter 7 in Georgia would my refund be taken if I file my tax return jointly with my husband?

If you filed a Chapter 7 and it has been discharged your tax refund will not be taken. It will only be taken if you have filed a Chapter 13 and that is entirely up to the Trustee.

When does a person need a trustee?

In bankruptcies a trustee is needed in all cases to administer the assets or determine that there are no assets. The court appoints the trustee in chapter 7 and 13. The creditors determine who will act as a trustee in chapter 11, usually. A trustee is needed if a person establishes a trust.

How long after filing chapter 7 can you sell your vehicle?

The debtor cannot sell nor transfer any property without the permission of the bankruptcy trustee or until the BK has been discharged and closed.

Can the terms of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy be changed if you become pregnant unexpectedly?

A "motion to modify" a chapter 13 can be filed for almost any reason. Contact the BK trustee for the exact procedures required.

Are there any penalties or fines for selling your home after bankruptcy?

Not after the bankruptcy has been discharged. If the person is participating in a chapter 13 bankruptcy they must have the permission of the trustee/court to engage in any major financial transactions.

What if you win a lawsuit after you filed bankruptcy?

Unless the likely judgment was exempted, or the claim was abandoned by the trustee, all or part of it has to go to the Chapter 7 trustee, or all of it to the Chapter 13 trustee. Talk to your bankruptcy lawyer or get one.

Can your trustee convert your Ch 7 to a Ch 13 if he decides that you will have enough money to make payments on a Ch 13 repayment plan in 10 months?

No. Once a chapter 7 bankruptcy has been discharged it is final.

If you have a chapter 7 discharged and then something happens with your home can you open a chapter 13 to save your house then you change your mind and the chapter 13 is dismissed what does thi?

What happens if you have paid all fees for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and your trustee tells you to turn over your income tax check and you don't because you are laid off and you are using the income tax check to pay bills and medical expenses and the trustee has threaten to revoke your bankruptcy due to non payment of your income tax check

Which bankruptcy is known as a liquidation of all assets and allows the individual filing to be forgiven of the remaining debts?

Chapter 7 is liquidation. All non-exempt assets must be given to the trustee to be sold at auction. All debts that can be discharged will be discharged. Some debts, like student loans and child support arrears, cannot (as yet) be discharged, absent unusual circumstances.

Why should an inheritance be disclosed to a trustee after the tax year has passed but before the bankruptcy is discharged?


What is a Chapter 13 trustee used for?

Chapter 13 trustee is an entity, generally an individual, with the responsibility of managing a chapter 13 bankruptcy estate. The Chapter 13 receives the debtor's monthly payments and then distributes those funds proportionally to the debtor's creditors.

Do you have to return your car after being discharged from a chapter 7?

If you continue making payments on your car you may keep it. If you do not owe anything on your car you can keep it so long as your trustee does not assume the equity in it in order to pay off creditors.

Is a trustee required to use 'trustee' as a part of his signature?

Yes. A trustee must always declare that she is signing a document in her capacity as a trustee. If not, the validity of the document will be compromised by signing as an individual with no reference to her office as trustee.

Can you lease a car in chapter 13 bankruptcy without getting permission from the trustee?

You will need permission from the trustee before doing anything financial while in chapter 13 bankruptcy. You will have already signed paperwork agreeing to full disclosure with your trustee when you filed.

Can you buy a car one year after filing chapter 13 and can your creditors take your car if you don't wait until you're discharged from your bankruptcy?

While in a Chapter 13 debt repayment bankruptcy, you must consult the bankruptcy trustee before engaging in a major financial transaction, such as the purchase of a vehicle.

Will the bankruptcy trustee take all of your tax return refund?

I think it depends on when the bankruptcy is discharged, but it would be discussed at your meeting with the creditors and the trustee. If it wasn't discussed, then the refund is yours.

Do you have to report a life insurance payout to a Chapter 13 trustee?

Yes. You must report any additional income to the Trustee. If the Trustee or even worse, the US Trustee find out, they can press federal charges against you.