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No. A property owner is not be liable for the acts of a wild animal they do not own. Your homeowners insurance would offer no coverage. The persons own medical insurance would cover their injuries.

AnswerAs all policies differ, read the terms, conditions and exclusions. Failing that, call the company that issued the policy.

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No pet bites would be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Most companies will also give you the option to exclude the dog from future coverage allowing you to carry on with your current policy.

If a Homeowners dog bites a child and tears their lip open causing multiple surgeries what is the insurance liability to pay medical bills liability or compensation?

If you rent an apartment, you don't need homeOWNERS insurance, but you you definitely need Renters Insurance, which is a form of homeowners insurance. Most renters' policies will protect your personal belongings from perils such as theft and fire. It will also reimburse you the cost of additional living expenses if your apartment or rented home is damaged by a covered peril. A renters policy will also give you liability insurance; don't thnk for a minute that if someone falls in your apartment that only your landlord will be sued. If your dog bites someone, it will also protect you if you get sued.

The neighbor should be held liable for damages caused by anyone or anything that resides upon his property whether or not it is included in the homeowners insurance. You can file a complaint with the local animal control agency in your area.

Highly unlikely, Most home insurance policies these days specifically exclude coverage both property and liability for all fighting dog breeds.

In regards to Homeowners insurance: most homeowners have a mortgage...therefore your home technically belongs to the bank/lender and they need to protect their 'investment' so banks/lenders require that you carry adequate insurance to pay for the damages that may occur to your home or even to pay the debt, in full, should you suffer a major catastrophe & your house is totally destroyed. Remember, the lender has a financial interest in your home. Likewise, most Homeowners Insurance Policies offer Premises and/or Personal Liability coverage One of the most common claims that this type of coverage helps to protect you, is in the case of liability from dog bites. If your dog bites a neighbor either while off-leash or on-leash, this coverage can offer some financial protection. Certain breeds of dogs are automatically EXCLUDED from coverage, so be sure to contact your agent/insurance company for more information. Don't wait until after you buy that 'guard-dog' and it bites somebody! Likewise, Homeowners Insurance offers coverage for your much-valued, furniture, clothing. Also there is usually coverage for other structures such as outbuildings. In the event that your home is uninhabitable due to a covered claim, your homeowners policy usually offers coverage for having to rent another apartment/home, etc. while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. Always be sure to review your Homeowners Policy EVERY year, with your agent/insurance company!

When a dog bites someone or something.

In general No. Insect bites are usually in the arena of a health insurance policy, not a property insurance policy. A property owner is not automatically liable for injury to a person simply because the injury or insect bite occurred on your property. To establish financial liability the injured person would have to show that the property owner was the direct or proximate cause of the sustained injury, either through action or inaction contrary to that which a prudent person would take. If you feel you may be liable for the insect bite, You should first check your policy and establish whether or not you purchased personal Liability coverage with your policy. If Liability coverage is in place. Report it to your company. Your insuance company will provide coverage for the cost of legal defense for you if necessary and would pay for any damage awarded against you up to your liability limits. Property insurance should never be construed to take the place of a health insurance policy.

It depends on your rental agreement. It is likely that his concern is liability and if you get insurance to cover him in case the dog bites someone, you might avoid court.

I believe a dog's owner is responsible for the dogsbehavior unless it's stated somewhere on the property that the dog will bite. Then it's your own fault for going on their property and not realizing that dog is nuts

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