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If a girl likes you is there anything she might do towards you without realizing it?


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The only thing I can think of is her Body Language - the way she stands and stuff like that. She would stand with her arms at her side or behind her back if she likes you. If she stands with her arms folded it means she's "closed" to you. She isn't interested in you. If she crosses her arms and then uncrosses them soon after, she sort of likes you. If she sits in such a way that her body is facing you she's interested. If she sits sideways with her body facing a different direction, she's not. If when sitting with her legs crossed, she points her toe at you - she likes you. If she looks at you when talking and doesn't look away very much she likes you. If she fluffs her hair (or touches her face or her body) while talking to you, she likes you. If she touches her mouth while talking she's telling a lie. Hope these things will help you. Look online for Body Language websites.