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If a girl teases and pokes you is that a sign she likes you?

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depends if she's related to you! if not and you think shes getting excuses to talk to you or touch you then she probably does.

2011-03-05 08:13:25
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Q: If a girl teases and pokes you is that a sign she likes you?
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If a boy sHow is off in front of does it means he likes you?

sometimes! also if he teases you that's a good sign

How can you tell if a 10 year old boy likes a 10 year old girl?

You can tell if a ten year old boy like a ten year old girl by if he teases her or is VERY kind to her. If he ignores you, he probably isn't interested. If he pulls your hair, that is a sign that he likes you. If he a very kind and sweet he likes you. It really depends on the guy. He might just tell u (:

If a girl confides in you her secrets is that a sign she likes you?

It's certainly a sign that she trusts you.

Is threathening a sign that a girl likes you?

No, im afraid not.

Say a guy likes a girl and the girl knows that he likes her and she likes him back but she feels as if he doesnt like her because he avoids her constatnly and never talks to her...what should she do?

When the boy avoids a girl that is one sign that he likes that girl or he just might not want to be near her or in contact that is a sign that he likes you but he doesn't like to be around you every second or minute

If a girl is always angry with you is it a sign she likes you?

no it means your a "a "hole .

What is the first sign a boy shows when he likes a girl?


Is a good sign when a guy makes a joke then he look at you that means he likes you?

Well he might be unconsciously flirting but on most cases he likes you , but really try and observe if he flirts touches you makes you laugh alot play-teases you !

What type of personality does Justin Bieber like in a girl?

He usually likes funny,outgoing girls. He also likes girl that have the sign Leo :)

Your life is screwed everytime im pretty sure the girl you like likes you the girl gets a boyfriend how do you really know for sure if a girl likes you and not just likes you as a friend?

If this girl always says "I Know who fancies you" or "I Know Who likes you" but she never tells you, that's a sign, if she teases you and say calles you pie head and tells you to shut up, that is also a sign, catch her staring at you or smiling, seee if she sit and watches you play football,Look at her occasianlly and you are sure to catch her stairing at you, just be cool and don't get jumpy or scared around her, if a girl is reading this, do these things to catch the boys attenson... Good Luck Boys And Girls.... x ([{Edited Bye _Aimee_Loves_? x}]) ....

If a guy jokes around by saying oneday we will be dating is he serious or not?

Possibly. He may of course be joking, but sometimes people will laugh and joke about something that they are actually serious about deep down.Usually if a guy jokes around and teases a girl it is a sure sign he likes her a lot.

A girl keeps smiling at you?

Smiling is almost certainly a sign that she likes you.

What sign can a girl give a guys that she likes him?

talk to him. get your flirt on lol

what if a boy likes to hang out with you and he looks at you in class what is that sign is that the sign that he likes you.?

What does it mean when a guy pokes you in the thigh?

Normal when i guy pokes you it means he wants you attention. It can be a sign that he likes you, or even wanting to kiss you. "Some" Boy will poke you if your layed next to them or even sat with them will poke you for your attention. But it could just be guys being anoyying. There is too ways too it.

Is trying to get you to help her a sign that a shy girl likes you?

yes, bigtime. go for it!

What if a girl is blushing?

A girl blushing, may a sign that she is either embarrassed, or just shy around a person she likes.

How do you tell if a girl that is a friend likes you?

If she is your friend then it is axiomatic that she likes you.

What if a guy tries to get close to you and a guy tries to make a conversation and he teases you about something and he smiles and stares at you is that sign that he likes you?

well i think you should take a while if he always does that to you then yes!!! jost go along if you like him too.. sign my message board!!

Can you tell if a girl likes you by them constantly looking at you?

yes that is a sign that they like you. But it's a creepy sign. because if you've nenver talked to the girl how do you know they like you or you like them.

Is it a sign a girl likes you if she accepts your offer of your shirt to keep warm?

Personally, as a girl, I wouldn't say she like you, but she likes your attention and the idea of using a guys shirt. That's exactly what a girl loves.

This guy or girl asked for a hug and was happy about when he or she gave him or her one is that a sign he or she likes you?


Is it good if a girl you like laughs at you and is nervous around you?

of course that is a great sign that she likes you

What if a guy hugs you and hugs a girl and kisses her?

If he kisses another girl, then he probably likes her, hugs are sometimes a sign of friend ship :)

There is this girl that smiles at me and says height to me in all of our classes and writes my name down on her paper does that mean she likes me?

yes that's a good sign that she likes you.